Liberty Hill brings allies together to forge a common agenda and advance movements for change. Learn about two current campaigns that are at the frontlines of change right now.

Environmental Justice

Scientists call concentrated exposure to pollutants "cumulative impact." Liberty Hill calls it a matter of life and death. The Environmental Justice movement, in which Liberty Hill has played a lead role for more than 20 years, seeks to ensure that every Angeleno can live, work and play in a healthy environment. Today, Liberty HIll is facilitating an important campaign to turn toxic hotspots into green zones. More on Environmental Justice>>


Brothers, Sons, Selves

Liberty Hill is managing an ambitious new campaign, co-created in partnership with The California Endowment, of L.A. community organizations working towards a common agenda to improve the lives of young men. California's young men face the lowest life expectancy rates, highest unemployment rates, and constitute the fewest high school and college graduates and most murder victims of any group of Californians. Through community-based participatory research and community organizing, Brothers, Sons, Selves will identify the policy changes to fight for, what new practices to support and how to be heard by elected officials, government agencies and voters. More on improving young men's lives >>