Liberty Hill advances social change through a strategic combination of grants, leadership training and campaigns.

Liberty Hill is first to identify community leaders at the frontlines of change. We invest in changemakers and equip them with the skills and relationships they need to build power and advance social justice. With a near 40-year track record, Liberty Hill is uniquely positioned to bring together forces for change and forge a common agenda for equality and opportunity in Los Angeles.

Liberty Hill: Change. Not Charity.

First at the frontlines for nearly 40 years.

In the early '90s, Liberty Hill was first to fund the living wage movement. Our early investment sparked new laws that raised wages for 25,000 poverty-wage workers, won millions in back wages for garment and restaurant workers and raised the minimum wage for California families. Learn more about our work fighting poverty >>

In the past decade, Liberty Hill was first to fund L.A.'s new environmental justice movement. The result has been millions of dollars invested in pollution reduction programs and new safeguards to protect the health of Californians most exposed to pollution's deadly consequences. Learn more about our environmental justice work >>



First at the frontlines today.

Over the last few decades, equality has expanded, but not equally across all communities. Liberty Hill is advancing equality - family acceptance and marriage equality. We want to make equality a reality for every Angeleno. Learn more about the fight for equal rights >>

In 2010, Liberty Hill launched The Wally Marks Leadership Institute for Change, intensive on-the-job training for community organizers working to end poverty, clean up the environment and win full equality for gays and lesbians. It is the only program of its kind in southern California. Learn more about this outstanding program >>