As your partner in philanthropy, Liberty Hill brings more than 35 years of social change expertise to the table to advise you on your giving decisions.

At the same time, you become part of a community of donors committed to building a future that expands opportunity and equality for all. And throughout the year, you will be invited to special gatherings and events that connect donors, grant recipients, the larger Liberty Hill family and the broader community.

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Mindful Giving: Do You Have A Plan?

"Change is a long-term process, so the groups we fund are there for the long haul, learn from their experience, and build power and impact. Our funding is very focused and consistent. We support community organizing for racial and economic justice, and civil rights. Virtually all our funding is through our donor advised fund at the Liberty Hill Foundation."

Paula & Barry Litt

"Good will is reciprocal. Empower others by caring and supporting their success – there’s nothing more rewarding. Giving Circles have been a great vehicle to leverage resources while gaining growth for oneself, organizations, and community."

Wendy Chang