Everyone in Los Angeles breathes the country's worst air, but residents in some L.A. neighborhoods are poisoned in their own homes, when they go outside to tend their gardens or walk their children to school. Pollution-linked illness is 2 to 3 times higher in neighborhoods in East and Southeast Los Angeles, parts of the San Fernando Valley and communities surrounding the Ports of L.A. and Long Beach. 

Liberty Hill environmental investments target low income communities of color where L.A.'s pollution has its most deadly consequences. Improving the environment in these densely polluted neighborhoods benefits every one in Los Angeles, but most of all, the tens of thousands of families who are being choked by truck and train pollution, factory toxins, and ship and plane exhaust every day.

Scientists call this concentrated exposure to environmental pollutants "cumulative impact." Liberty Hill calls it a matter of life and death.

Right now, the Clean Up Green Up campaign, which received significant support from Liberty Hill, is moving a policy through City Hall that would transform some of the city's toxic hotspots into Green Zones. Find out more at the Clean Up Green Up website.

For more than 20 years, Liberty Hill has played a leading role in L.A.'s environmental justice movement.

Read about a Liberty Hill environmental success.

Liberty Hill's Approach

Liberty Hill has pioneered a highly effective organizing and research model, bringing together academic researchers and community leaders in strategic campaigns to reduce pollution in Los Angeles.

Read Liberty Hill's important report on the Los Angeles environment, Hidden Hazards: A Call to Action for Healthy, Livable Communities. This analysis serves as the foundation for the Clean Up Green Up campaign.

Thousands of Californians die each year because of particulate pollution. Now L.A. urban eco-leaders like Ashley Hernandez are calling for change. She's active in the Clean Up Green Up campaign.  Watch this video about this amazing young eco-leader.

Liberty Hill's 2013 environmental justice grantees include these frontlines grassroots organizations

East Yard Communities for Environmental Justice
Unión de Vecinos