At Liberty Hill, we believe in the American dream. A hard day's work should be rewarded with a living wage, not a lifetime below the poverty line. A quality public education is the foundation for a healthy economy and democratic Los Angeles.

Our emphasis is not on shelters and food banks, though they are important and necessary. For nearly 40 years, we've invested in change, not charity.

OUR GOAL:  Fair wages! Help low income workers in Los Angeles organize and win fair wages so families can rise above the poverty line and cover basic living expenses.

OUR GOAL: Affordable homes! Ensure that Los Angeles has a diverse supply of affordable housing that provides homes for families with modest incomes as well as those who live in luxury.

OUR GOAL:  Good schools! Liberty Hill builds student and parent leadership to improve L.A.'s public schools from the ground up.

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Every week, 650,000 Los Angeles employees lose $26.2 million in earned but unpaid wages. That money's lost to our consumer-driven economy, too. Hear how a courageous caregiver, carwasher and kitchen worker risked the little they have to fight for our prosperity.

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