Queer Youth Fund

The Queer Youth Fund awards $100,000 grants to innovative and effective leadership development, organizing or other programs/projects that empower gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, queer and questioning (GLBTQQ) youth (up to 24 years old).  The purpose of the Queer Youth Fund is to improve societal conditions affecting these youth and strengthen the GLBTQQ movement.

To see the list of current and past Queer Youth Fund grantees.  Also, check out our Facebook page.

The Queer Youth Fund announces its permanent closure to new applicants.  Read below for a statement from the donors.  Please NO CALLS or EMAILS. 

Over the last 12 years, the Queer Youth Fund has granted $4.9 million to 49 groups supporting LGBTQQ youth in the United States and Canada.  Our dream to create strong and effective organizations that empower youth has been realized in many racially and economically diverse communities.  We are so grateful to the many activists who have worked hand in hand with our donor committee in making grant decisions and sharing their strengths and challenges so openly and honestly.  We believe our $100,000 grants payable over three to five years have enabled smaller, grassroots organizations to plan and execute their programs with great care, confidence and community involvement.  Because of the leadership and courage of our grantees, both the United States and Canada have experienced a growing consciousness in government, philanthropy, the media and local communities about the unique issues faced by LGBTQQ youth and how critical it is for communities to embrace and benefit from the leadership and involvement of their LGBTQQ youth.