Who’s changing L.A. in 2012? Drawing on our 35 years of experience investing in leaders at the frontlines of change, Liberty Hill Foundation each year identifies five exceptional local leaders fighting for social justice from the grassroots up.

These are L.A.’s unsung heroes, the men and women making "the impossible" possible, doing the day-to-day work of creating change, not charity. Liberty Hill’s 2012 Leaders are community organizers, donor-activists, student leaders and mentors for the nation’s next generation of changemakers.

In 2012, Liberty Hill will help increase their already-proven leadership and influence.

"'Victorious warriors win first and then go to war, while defeated warriors go to war first and then seek to win.' — Sun Tzu" more >>

Damon Azali-Rojas, consultant Jemmott Rollins Group; Liberty Hill Coach - Wally Marks Leadership Institute

"You walk into a bathroom and someone chases in after you and says, 'You don't belong here.'" more >>

Eileen Ma, Executive Director, API Equality-LA; Liberty Hill Community Funding Board advisor

"I craved the sense of community that is so hard to find in Los Angeles." more >>

John Bard Manulis, Hollywood producer, Liberty Hill donor-activist

"I just wanted to give up." more >>

Esthefanie Solano, college student; youth organizer with Liberty Hill grantee InnerCity Struggle

"Why can't I go back to a nice quiet life?"  more >>

Janette Robinson-Flint, Executive Director, Black Women for Wellness; Liberty Hill grantee and Leadership Institute participant

Liberty Hill's 2012 Leaders to Watch videos were produced by Julia Meltzer and Clockshop.