From frontlines to headlines! Take a look at recent news of Liberty Hill grantees.

The work of Liberty Hill grantees was often thought-provoking in January. Among the topics for consideration: how Jewish congregations can welcome LGBTQ members, how Muslim teachings relate to responsible banking, how rap music can empower homeless individuals and, as always, what will it take to end an injustice.


January 31

In an article discussing how many African-American and African-Caribbean women use products containing endocrine-disrupting chemicals (EDCs), which have been linked to birth defects, breast cancer and heart disease, the writer points to Black Women for Wellness’s “Green Chemistry” initiative and Beauty Salon Campaign.
January 29

Although studies show that residents of neighborhoods near freeways have high rates of air pollution-related health problems, regulators won’t place sensors nearby to see if local air quality meets standards. Advocacy groups, including Communities for a Better Environment, filed suit.
January 26

Youth Justice Coalition protesters were front and center at a protest held when the county Board of Supervisors considered alternatives for rebuilding the jail.
January 26

Larry Gross, executive director of Coalition for Economic Survival, responded to news that Los Angeles County will cease funding additional housing investigators in Palmdale and Lancaster (where officials have been accused of racial profiling and harassment of Section 8 tenants).
January 19

Jessica Youseffi, Community Organizer, Clergy and Laity United for Economic Justice (CLUE) wrote about Hebrew Union’s Welcoming Synagogues project, which aims to train congregations to become safe and welcoming spaces for Jews of all sexual orientations and gender expressions. Her Huff Post piece was an “excerpt of the day” on CNN’S Belief Blog’s “Morning Speed Read.” Here’s the full article.
January 19

In an L.A. Weekly interview, LA Voice Pico organizer Umar Hakim describes how his Muslim faith inspires his work—currently focused on getting banks to act responsibly toward the community.
January 18

A young Episcopal Union intern at Housing Long Beach reflects on "boldness," social justice and the MLK holiday on the blog of Jubilee Consortium.

The essay may have been inspired in part by the set-back for Housing Long Beach on January 11, when Long Beach City Council passed a Downtown Plan denying the appeal to include certain mitigations put forth by Housing Long Beachand other groups representing low income residents.
January 17

Another step in the effort by Labor Community Strategy Center, Youth Justice Coalition and others to change L.A.’s daytime curfew law (including distribution of truancy tickets) came when the board of L.A. Unified School district voted to support Councilmember Tony Cardenas’ proposal.
January 12-17

When the pioneering rap group Public Enemy headlined a musical education event in Skid Row to support Los Angeles Community Action Network (LACAN), there was all kinds of coverage, beginning with a pre-show interview with Ventura resident Chuck D in his hometown paper.

Author Denise Sullivan, who focuses on Black-powered music and social change, discusses the concert and Chuck D’s book project with L.A. CAN.

The L.A. Times reviewed the event.

Downtown News counts the crowd and gets reactions.

L.A. Weekly talks permits and vibes. And when an Occupy L.A. veteran chronicles a week of day-by-day actions, he ends at the concert, with a dawning awareness that organizers and residents have been working hard for change in Skid Row for years.
January 12

Our Weekly covers Special Needs Network’s launch of a year-long campaign to normalize distribution of services to autistic children through the state of California and end the injustice in delivery of services to African American and Latino children.
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