From frontlines to headlines! Take a look at recent news of Liberty Hill grantees.

Liberty Hill began the month of March by making some news of its own, hosting the Los Angeles hearing of the California State Assembly Select Committee on the Status of Boys and Men of Color (see below). Other newsworthy developments in work by Liberty Hill grantees reflect issues of national concern: women’s health and sexuality, immigrant rights, bullying among youth, and, of course, economic issues as reflected in access to education, housing, and employment. PLUS: a farmers market in Ramona Gardens, the anniversary of Black Cat protests 1967 and more.


March 22

Given anti-contraception rhetoric in the national arena, controversy hit the recent but long-planned Sierra College's Cesar Chavez Higher Education Speaker series forum on reproductive justice. One of Liberty Hill’s 2012 Leaders to Watch, Jan Robinson Flint of Black Women for Wellness, was a panelist. The first link tells how the Sierra College pulled out and funding was cut. The second reports on the event, mentioning Jan’s talk about urgent need for healthcare access, citing a friend’s death from cervical cancer.
March 15

Six years ago, this trans woman was ready to drop out of her sophomore year of high school. Today she’s 23 and heading up one of Liberty Hill’s Queer Youth Fund grantees, the Colorado Anti-Violence Program. This profile is part of a series on young activists.
March 14

The Daily Californian reports on the successful negotiation of backers of the “millionaire’s tax” including California Calls, Alliance of Californians for Community Empowerment (ACCE), and others to merge the initiative with that put forth by Governor Brown.
March 13

The Grio.Com shares this MSNBC video of Public Enemy’s involvement with LA Community Action Network, focusing on the preponderance of African Americans in LA’s homeless population.
March 13

KPFK radio interviewed leaders from People Organized for Westside Renewal (POWER) who are fighting gentrification in Venice.
March 12

Neighborhood response to USC development plans was the topic on radio show Which Way L.A. when Paulina Gonzalez of Strategic Actions for a Just Economy (SAJE) was a panelist. The story was covered by the L.A. Times, too.
March 9

In Hispanically Speaking, among other publications, there was coverage of a press conference at Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights of Los Angeles (CHIRLA) of efforts by American service veterans to obtain legal status for their families.
March 9

International Women’s Day is celebrated with a march in solidarity with striking Hyatt Hotel workers in West Hollywood. Clergy and Laity United for Economic Justice (CLUE) was there.
March 8

The Border Explorer writes about the march from Selma to Mongomery calling for repeal of Alabama's anti-immigrant law while honoring the Civil Rights movement, with Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights of Los Angeles (CHIRLA) among the groups participating through the Fair Immigration Reform Movement (FIRM).
March 8

An interview with Amy Shur of Alliance of Californians for Community Empowerment (ACCE) on how "Occupy Our Homes" grew out of the Occupy movement, though ACCE’s connection with housing issues predate Occupy.
March 8

A star of the current box office hit “Hunger Games” made an appearance at a Gay Straight Alliance Network chapter at a South L.A. high school to speak against bullying.
March 5

Larry Gross of Coalition for Economic Survival was a guest on Patt Morrison’s KPCC radio talk show on rent increases.
March 3

Shewired, an online partner publication of the venerable Advocate, honors the paper’s 45th anniversary with a recreation of a 1967 photo documenting protests of illegal entrapment and police brutality at Black Cat Bar in Silver Lake. The recreation features 2012 LGBTQ activists including a Liberty Hill 2012 Leader to Watch, Eileen Ma of API Equality-LA.
March 3

LA Voice PICO helped bring a farmers market to Ramona Gardens, benefiting not only residents of the low-income food desert but also vendors, who have been assisted in licensing to participate. (Spanish language article.)
March 2

Opponents including East Yard Communities for Environmental Justice say the proposed Southern California International Gateway, a new railyard where about 5,000 trucks a day would transfer containers, would adversely impact nearby neighborhoods.
March 2-23

The California Assembly Select Committee Hearing on Young Men of Color organized by Liberty Hill was covered by L.A. Sentinel (no electronic copy available) and was referenced in a news story in Huffington Post about a study showing disproportionate suspensions of black students in LAUSD.

Here’s a link to a 9-minute video with excerpts from the often moving testimonies of the boys participating in Liberty Hill’s Brothers Sons Selves Initiative through their membership in Community Coalition, Khmer Girls in Action Young Men’s Empowerment Program, Brotherhood Crusade, InnerCity Struggle, Californians for Justice, Labor Community Strategy Center, Youth Justice Coalition, Community Asset Development Re-Defining Education (CADRE), Gay-Straight Alliance Network, and Weingart East LA YMCA.

In this Huffington Post “Latino Voices” blog, Fermin Vasquez of Californians for Justice asks for “Education not incarceration for young men of color” and references the Brothers Sons Selves initiative and the hearing.

Video of testimony from Geoffrey Winder of Gay Straight Alliance Network and others at the hearing was posted on the organization's national website.
March 1

Members of Alliance of Californians for Community Empowerment (ACCE) and Strategic Actions for a Just Economy (SAJE) brought public attention to an ominous new wrinkle of the foreclosure crisis: Tenant-occupied homes now owned by Fannie Mae are falling into disrepair. CBS television spoke to the families. And here’s another report, this one from KPCC radio’s blog “On Central.”
March 1

L.A. Voice PICO, Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights of Los Angeles (CHIRLA) and other groups including UCLA Labor Center, fought a car impound policy that created hardship for many families. LAPD agreed and announced a new policy. Colorlines had the story.
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