Liberty Hill's Commission Training Program: Ensuring Los Angeles has strong leadership that makes good decisions for all communities.

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2015 Commissions Training Program

Liberty Hill will be launching its 2015 Commissions Training Program with a full-day training focused on Los Angeles County Commissions.

This session will gather community leaders from across sectors interested in serving on an appointed public commission. Participants will gain an understanding of the importance of county-commission decision making for building equity for all LA County residents, and will walk away with a clear sense of what the opportunities for commission service are, what it takes to get appointed, and how they can best leverage strategies for accomplishing equity outcomes once seated. Throughout the day, sessions will be facilitated by well-known county advocates who have served on county commissions, worked with county elected, and staffed county agencies.

April 17, 2015
9:30am - 4:30pm

The cost to participate is $150 if you register before March 10. The cost thereafter is $250.
The deadline for registration is March 20.
Some scholarships are available.
Application and scholarship guidelines and can be downloaded here.(Word Doc)

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2nd Commissions Training Program for Grassroots Leaders

With a near 40-year track record of investment and training among LA’s diverse community leadership, Liberty Hill Foundation is launching its 2nd Commissions Training Program for Grassroots Leaders.

Appointees trained by the program will not only be prepared to meet their day-to-day responsibilities as commissioners, but also bring fresh thinking and innovative solutions to agency deliberations and decision making and help renew confidence in government. Participants will benefit from opportunities to interact with experienced current and past advocate commissioners and effective, knowledgeable community organizations. Participants will engage in opportunities for learning, networking, placement preparation, and technical support and mentoring with inside and outside advocates from the city, the county, and beyond.

Space is limited. The cohort will consist of 12 to 15 individuals. Those selected commit to interact in movement-building work to bring about more equitable decision-making on the City and County of Los Angeles appointed boards and commissions.

Applications are due March 18, 2015.
Download the Application (PDF).

Informational webinars regarding the training will be hosted on January 29, February 18 and March 5.

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Please contact Michelle Lin at if you are interested in registering to attend or have any questions about the program.

The City of Los Angeles currently has more than 50 boards and commissions with more than 300 appointed members who oversee key Los Angeles agencies and advise the mayor on core policies and programs that impact the quality of life for local residents. Decisions taken by these agencies have a major impact on policies and projects throughout Los Angeles.

Communities throughout Los Angeles often feel that their government is not transparent and that they do not have direct access to the government representatives that make decisions that directly affect their lives.

Achieving representation on these boards and commissions to truly reflect the diversity of our communities is often challenging. Elected officials report that they lack qualified pools of candidates with the time, technical expertise and interest to serve on commissions. With Liberty Hill’s long track record of investment in and training of leaders representing so many segments of LA’s diverse communities, and with our long standing relationships with elected and appointed leaders, we are uniquely poisitioned to recruit, train and support a new generation of leaders to serve under the new mayoral administration.

Liberty Hill’s Commissions Training Program will tap the Foundation’s extensive networks to achieve several goals.

  1. Identify strong, vetted candidates for appointment and support them through the application process.
  2. Provide prospective appointees with technical and advocacy skills, knowledge and relationships through classroom training, mentoring and networking.
  3. Continue to support appointees to ensure that they remain connected and responsive to their communities.

Appointees, trained by Liberty Hill's Commissions Training Program, will not only be prepared to meet their day to day responsibilities as commissioners, they will bring fresh thinking and innovative solutions to agency deliberations and decisionmaking and help renew confidence in government.

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