Queer Youth Fund 2013-2014 Grantees

Organization: API Equality-LA
Website: www.apiequalityla.org
Grant Amount: $100,000
API Equality-LA received $100,000 over three years to support a sustainable and unique model of youth leadership development that will create a new generation of bold API LGBT youth leaders and contribute to a more inclusive, accountable and sustainable movement for social justice. 

Organization: Hispanic Black Gay Coalition
Website: www.hbgc-boston.org
Grant Amount: $100,000
Hispanic Black Gay Coalition received $100,000 over four years to establish and support one new gay-straight alliance annually in a local high school that primarily serves Black and Latina/o students.  HBGC will support the GSAs in creating a more inclusive environment for LGBTQ students of color.  Funds will also help sustain and expand HBGC’s annual Youth Empowerment Conference for LGBTQ youth of color under the age of 25.

Organization: Pennsylvania Student Equality Coalition
Website: www.pennsec.org
Grant Amount: $100,000
Pennsylvania Student Equality Coalition received $100,000 over four years to advance queer youth empowerment in Pennsylvania through designing a strong and inclusive leadership pipeline, securing access for youth to participate in meaningful statewide advocacy efforts regardless of financial background, centralizing youth advocacy efforts regardless of financial background, centralizing youth advocacy efforts in Harrisburg and building financial literacy training into PSEC’s leadership development to ensure the future success of the coalition.

Organization: Soulforce
Website: www.soulforce.org
Grant Amount: $100,000
Soulforce received $100,000 over three years to support The Next Generation Soulforce Equality Ride which challenges cultures and policies at the leading universities of the Religious Right that lean away from queer and racial justice.  It will work with emerging youth leaders and students living in targeted communities to host workshops and events that create dialogue about intersectional justice, fundamentalism and systemic change.  It will also provide further options to be leaders in national campaigns that build from the campus work.

Queer Youth Fund 2012-2013 Grantees

Organization: Advocates for Informed Choice
Website: www.aiclegal.org
Grant Amount: $100,000
Advocates for Informed Choice received $100,000 over three years to support its Inter/ACT youth leadership program, which provides a platform for intersex youth to speak publicly about their lives and to advocate collectively for their vision of intersex rights.  The three primary goals of Inter/ACT are: to provide intersex youth an opportunity to break the barriers of shame and isolation, project intersex youth voices into the national and international discussion of treatment of intersex children and to inject meaningful intersex advocacy into the vocabulary of young queer activists.

Organization: BreakOUT!
Website: www.youthbreakout.org
Grant Amount:
BreakOUT! received $100,000 over three years to support its “We Deserve Better” campaign to reduce discriminatory policing practices in New Orleans and work with community partners to build a safer and more just New Orleans.  In order to do so BreakOUT! will focus on police policy reform, developing youth leadership among the most marginalized youth at the center and mobilizing local service providers to develop LGBTQ-affirming practices and reduce barriers for youth opportunities.

Organization: Gender Justice Los Angeles
Website: www.gjla.org
Grant Amount:
Gender Justice Los Angeles (in partnership with Leadership Development in Interethnic Relations) received $100,000 over three years to build the leadership capacity of low-income transgender and gender non-conforming youth of color in Los Angeles.  GJLA is committed to establishing a Transgender Leadership Development Program to help fill the gap of transgender leadership within the broader GLBTQQ movement.  Utilizing LDIR’s expertise in leadership development, the program will combine a six-month leadership development training with an in-depth mentorship program.

Organization: Trans Youth Support Network
Website: www.transyouthsupportnetwork.org
Grant Amount: $100,000
Trans Youth Support Network received $100,000 over three years for its Trans Youth Leadership Development Program, envisioned and planned by transgender young people involved in TYSN.  The program will increase the leadership capacity of trans/gender non-conforming youth of color and support them to lead the organization.  TYSN plans to increase accessibility of services for trans youth across the county and state and substantially develop the leadership capacity, skills and knowledge of trans youth.

Queer Youth Fund 2011-2012 Grantees

Organization: Asian & Pacific Islander Wellness Center
Website: www.apiwellness.org
Grant Amount: $100,000
Asian & Pacific Islander Wellness Center received $100,000 over three years to coordinate program activities for gender variant, transgender and questioning youth, aged 13-24 for the purpose of empowerment, community and self-esteem building, leadership development and inclusiveness. Youth leaders will implement a mentorship program and leadership academy for this at-risk population and promote social justice involvement in their community of San Francisco.

Organization: The Gay & Lesbian Community Services Center of Orange County
Website: http://www.thecenteroc.org
Grant Amount: $100,000
The Gay & Lesbian Community Services Center of Orange County received $100,000 over three years to enhance its Rainbow Youth Program which provides and cultivates safe and empowering spaces for GLBTQQ youth. It will expand its after-school drop-in program and support the development of youth leadership programs including an Orange County GSA Hub and recruiting and training additional Rainbow Youth Advocates to engage in social justice work.

Organization: Idaho Human Rights Education Center
Website: www.idaho-humanrights.org
Grant Amount: $100,000
Idaho Human Rights Education Center received $100,000 over four years to ensure school safety for Idaho’s GLBTQQ youth and their allies through a variety of statewide program delivery and community organizing strategies including youth leadership development, networking of high school gay-straight alliances and human rights clubs, regional youth-led conferences to eliminate anti-GLBTQQ bias in schools, teacher training and curriculum development, community education, creation and release of an Idaho School Climate Report and use of the latter to influence policy makers.

Organization: Life Foundation, Inc.
Website: http://gsahawaii.org/
Grant Amount: $100,000
Life Foundation, Inc. received $100,000 over three years to hire a part-time coordinator for its GSA Hawaii project, which provides support, advocacy and community for GLBTQQ youth in Hawaii. The coordinator will be responsible for organizing the activities, programs and projects of GSA Hawaii and ensuring goals are met and the program is properly evaluated.

Organization: Out Now, Inc.
Website: http://outnowyouth.org
Grant Amount: $100,000
Out Now, Inc. received $100,000 over three years to support youth leadership in the QuEST project, including developing youth organizers’ leadership and capacity, centering youth voices and work in Springfield Pride and community organizing efforts to stop individual and systemic homophobia and racism in the community and building grassroots power among GLBTQQ youth in Springfield.

Queer Youth Fund 2010-2011 Grantees

Organization: Brown Boi Project
Website: www.brownboiproject.org
Grant Amount: $100,000
Brown Boi Project received $100,000 over four years for general support of its work developing the leadership of young masculine of center womyn and trans/straight/queer men of color.  Through leadership development, political educatio, exposure to community organizing, life plan skills development and deep work on mental and physical health, the Brown Boi Project will cultivate spaces to explore and develop healthy frameworks for masculinity within the context of family, gender, race, sexual orientation and class.

Organization: Colorado Anti-Violence Program
Website: www.coavp.org
Grant Amount: $100,000
The Colorado Anti-Violence Program received $100,000 over three years to support and expand its Queer Youth Violence Prevention Project.  The project will continue to prevent sexual and dating violence through community organizing that addresses the root causes of violence, build a base of empowered, committed and skilled LGBTQ youth leaders to support violence prevention organizing efforts in Colorado and nationally, and strengthen and radicalize the local and national LGBTQ youth-led movement for social justice by creating spaces for queer youth to inform movement priorities.

Organization: Make the Road New York
Website: www.maketheroadny.org
Grant Amount: $100,000
Make the Road New York received $100,000 over three years to launch its Safe Communities Initiative, a multi-faceted project to promote respect, opportunity and safety for LGBTQ youth of color at school, at work and at home.  Make the Road New York’s two LGBTQ youth of color committees will lead high impact campaigns that build on its deep community roots and significant base of political power and experience to combat homophobia and discrimination in public school, retail workplaces and in policing policies.

Organization: The Theatre Offensive
Website: www.thetheateroffensive.org
Grant Amount: $100,000
The Theatre Offensive received $100,000 over three years to support/expand True Colors: Out Youth Theater, a youth empowerment and social activism program for youth (ages 14-22) who identify as LGBTQ that uses theater as its vehicle for evincing social change.  Youth write and produce plays that address issues affecting LGBTQ youth and tour these plays at schools, community centers and special events throughout Massachusetts.  Through performance and youth-led discussion with audiences of all ages and identities, True Colors educates, advocates and builds understanding and support for the LGBTQ youth community.

Queer Youth Fund 2009-2010 Grantees

Organization: Freedom, Inc.
Grant Amount: $100,000
Freedom, Inc. received $100,000 over five years to support its People Like Us Project to build the capacity and develop the leadership of queer youth of color in Madison. Youth will implement community education projects, engage in regional and national peer exchanges and create a network of Midwest queer youth of color and youth-serving organizations.

National Coalition Building Institute-Missoula
Website: www.ncbimissoula.org
Grant Amount: $100,000
The National Coalition Building Institute-Missoula (NCBI-Missoula) received $100,000 over five years to support its Engaging Youth – Transforming Communities work. NCBI-Missoula will develop the leadership of Missoula queer, questioning and allied middle and high school youth and improve the culture of Montana schools for LGBTQQ youth and educators through trainings and technical assistance and by organizing for policy change.

Out Youth
Websites: www.outyouth.org; http://www.texasgsa.org
Grant Amount: $100,000
Out Youth received $100,000 over four years to build the capacity of its Texas GSA Network to reach and serve more youth statewide, and improve protection policies and school climate for LGBTQQ students.

Queer Women of Color Media Arts Project
Website: www.qwocmap.org
Grant Amount: $100,000
Queer Women of Color Media Arts Project (QWOCMAP) in San Francisco received $100,000 over three years to support its Youth Leadership Program. The program will train, mentor and coach young queer women of color to become the next generation of social justice movement leaders. QWOCMAP will nurture their creativity and build their leadership to create justice and equity through film.

SPARK Reproductive Justice NOW
Website: http://sparkrj.org
Grant Amount: $100,000
SPARK Reproductive Justice NOW received $100,000 over three years to build its Amplifying Queer Youth of Color Voices for Reproductive Justice in Georgia Program. The program will engage in internal capacity-building, distribute an art/resource zine, launch a youth media project and convene LGBTQ youth from across the state to engage in dialogue, political education/skill shares, network and organize a state-wide action plan on issues that most impact their lives.

Streetwise & Safe (Urban Justice Center, www.urbanjustice.org)
Grant Amount: $100,000
Streetwise & Safe in New York City received $100,000 over three years to support its multi-strategy youth leadership development and advocacy campaign. Streetwise & Safe will facilitate and promote the participation of LGBTQQ youth of color in national, state and local policy debates around issues of sex workers rights, racial and economic justice, LGBTQQ rights, policing and criminal justice.

Queer Youth Fund 2008-2009 Grantees

Organization: American Civil Liberties Union of Mississippi
Website: www.msaclu.org
Grant Amount: $100,000
The American Civil Liberties Union of Mississippi received $100,000 over three years to support its Lifting up GLBTQQ Youth of Mississippi Project. The project will support the ongoing work of the Mississippi Safe Schools Coalition, build a queer youth advisory board, conduct youth-led participatory action research and media advocacy and help bring lawsuits against parties that violate queer youth rights.

Organization: Gay Straight Alliance for Safe Schools
Website: www.gsaforsafeschools.org
Grant Amount: $100,000
The Gay Straight Alliance for Safe Schools received $100,000 over three years to support its Building Allies in Middle Schools Project. The project will expand the Bystanders to Allies (B2A) program, which assists middle school students to move from being bystanders to allies of their peers who are bullied, increase GSAFE's statewide educator trainings on B2A, implement the B2A parent/teacher training component, build middle school gay straight alliance clubs and reach out to more GLBTQQ students of color and allies.

Organization: REACH LA
Website: www.reachla.org
Grant Amount: $100,000
REACH LA received $100,000 over three years to support its Ovahness Leadership Program to build, both locally and nationally, a movement of African American and Latino GBTQQ youth leaders, ages 16-24, in order to create a critical mass of GBTQQ youth of color who can create sustainable improvements for their communities and beyond.

Organization: The Utah Pride Center
Website: www.utahpridecenter.org
Grant Amount: $100,000
The Utah Pride Center received $100,000 over four years to support its Generation-T Project. The project will expand The Utah Pride Center';s transgender youth programming into four key areas: advocacy, resources, support and outreach.

Queer Youth Fund 2007-2008 Grantees

Organization: Affinity Community Services
Website: www.affinity95.org
Grant Amount: $100,000
Affinity Community Services received $100,000 over three years to support its XPU Youth Leadership Institute. The Institute will train several young African American les/bi women each year to become the next generation of leaders to carry the organization forward and contribute to social change. These fellows will receive community organizer training and develop and implement a series of social justice actions and activities that benefit the African American les/bi community in Chicago.

Organization: Ann Arbor Teen Center
Website: www.neutral-zone.org
Grant Amount: $100,000
Ann Arbor Teen Center received $100,000 over five years to support its Riot Youth Program. The program will educate and organize for a more positive climate for GLBTQQ students in schools, build a coalition of gay-straight alliance student clubs to implement community-wide projects for social change, and maintain a teen-driven community space for GLBTQQ youth in Ann Arbor and the surrounding communities that will provide social support, connect teens to outside resources and provide leadership training.

Organization: Center for Artistic Revolution
Website: www.artisticrevolution.org
Grant Amount: $100,000
Center for Artistic Revolution received $100,000 over three years to support its LGBTQQI and Straight Ally Youth and Young Adult Initiative. The Initiative creates a safe and supportive space for LGBTQQI and straight ally youth and young adults while facilitating their development as leaders, advocates and organizers within CAR, their communities, schools and workplaces. CAR engages in a unique combination of community education, organizing and advocacy strategies, anti-oppression work, creativity/cultural work, building intergenerational relationships, bridge-building between diverse communities, self and leadership development and peer support.

Organization: Gay-Straight Alliance Network
Website: www.gsanetwork.org
Grant Amount: $100,000
Gay-Straight Alliance Network (GSA Network) received $100,000 over three years to support its LGBTQ-Inclusive Curriculum Campaign. The Campaign will engage youth across the state in local campaigns to increase the number of schools incorporating LGBTQ issues/people/history in their curriculum. GSA Network will also advocate for statewide legislation or administrative regulations for curriculum inclusion.

Organization: Providence Youth Student Movement
Website: www.prysm.us
Grant Amount: $100,000
Providence Youth Student Movement received $100,000 over three years to support its seaQuel program to have a greater impact on the local, regional and national levels. SeaQuel will engage Southeast Asian youth, ages 13-18, to create a cultural shift in the local Southeast Asian community's understanding of sexuality and gender. SeaQuel will also create a regional and national network to engage young Southeast Asian adults, ages 19-30, in progressive social justice work.

Queer Youth Fund 2006-2007 Grantees

Organization: Iowa Pride Network
Website: www.iowapridenetwork.org
Grant Amount: $100,000
Iowa Pride Network received $100,000 over three years to hire a full-time outreach coordinator, increase the number of gay-straight alliance clubs in Iowa schools and sustain those that are currently operational, educate students on their rights and resources, network Iowa queer students to reduce isolation, and develop and empower student leaders through leadership development programs and organizing projects in order to help youth build successful futures and initiate long-term societal change in Iowa.

Organization: Peter Cicchino Youth Project
Website: www.urbanjustice.org
Grant Amount: $100,000
Peter Cicchino Youth Project received $100,000 over three years to support its Juvenile Justice Reform Initiative. This Initiative is a multi-strategy advocacy campaign on behalf of LGBTQQ youth struggling to survive in New York's violently homophobic juvenile justice system. The campaign will include grassroots advocacy and legislative lobbying for concrete policy changes on behalf of LGBTQQ youth, public education events and media outreach to raise awareness of this important issue and a program to train and support a team of LGBTQQ and allied youth leaders who will lead the push for change.

Organization: Southerners on New Ground
Website: www.southernersonnewground.org
Grant Amount: $100,000
Southerners on New Ground received $100,000 over three years to support the creation of a stronger infrastructure for LGBTQQ organizing in the South through an Organizing School geared towards LGBTQQ youth, people of color, immigrants, rural people and/or working class people.

Organization: Sylvia Rivera Law Project
Website: www.srlp.org
Grant Amount: $100,000
Sylvia Rivera Law Project received $100,000 over three years to support its Transgender Youth Initiative. The Initiative aims to end gender identity discrimination in the foster care and juvenile justice systems while simultaneously building the leadership of youth to participate more fully in our movements for social justice. SRLP will increase the involvement of SRLP clients within its work by providing them with direct organizing opportunities, support the efforts of other trans youth community-based organizations, develop the skill sets of trans youth within SRLP's collective, expand SRLP's coalition work, produce new public education materials and expand its media advocacy.

Queer Youth Fund 2005-2006 Grantees

Organization: Basic Rights Education Fund
Website: www.basicrights.org 
Grant Amount: $100,000
Basic Rights Education Fund received $100,000 over three years to support the launch of a new program called The Next Generation Project. BREF will develop, train and provide leadership opportunities to a new generation of young queer activist leaders in grassroots organizing and political action.

Organization: Milwaukee LGBT Community Center
Website: www.mkelgbt.org
Grant Amount: $100,000
Milwaukee LGBT Community Center's Project Q received $100,000 over three years to develop its Transgender Modules Training Series, a holistic training series for LGBTQ programs to educate youth and organizations on the issues surrounding gender variance and the transgender community. The Transgender Modules Training Series will be developed and piloted in collaboration with a National Youth Review Board coordinated by the National Youth Advocacy Coalition.

Organization: Outright Vermont
Website: www.outrightvt.org
Grant Amount: $100,000
Outright Vermont received $100,000 over three years to continue building its capacity to effectively serve queer youth throughout the state of Vermont. ORVT will develop and support more gay-straight alliances in schools throughout the state, host a youth summit to improve outreach to outlying areas and continue its public education and youth leadership development activities.

Organization: Student Christian Movement of Canada
Website: www.scmcanada.org  
Grant Amount: $100,000
Student Christian Movement of Canada received $100,000 over four years to implement a campaign that will provide individuals with a space to explore their sexuality while being part of a faith community. This campaign will also empower students to challenge their churches and society to create a space where this can happen for all young people seeking to make connections between sexuality and spirituality. As a student-led movement, this project will be planned and implemented by students for students.

Queer Youth Fund 2004-2005 Grantees

Organization: Ally Action
Website: www.allyaction.org
Grant Amount: $100,000
Ally Action (formerly the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network San Francisco-East Bay) received $100,000 over three years to expand its youth-led efforts to advance systemic change by creating and implementing Due Process, an innovative curricular opportunity for youth to develop critical thinking skills for examining the ways youth face multiple barriers to their individual safety.

Organization: Jacksonville Area Sexual Minority Youth Network, Inc.
Website: www.jasmyn.org
Grant Amount: $100,000
Jacksonville Area Sexual Minority Youth Network received $100,000 over three years for its Youth Activism Project to empower queer youth to take the lead in addressing the issues and institutions that impact their quality of life, through education, activism, organizing, advocacy and direct challenges. The project will build the capacity at JASMYN for queer youth leadership, train queer youth in community organizing, and sponsor youth leaders to develop and carry out projects which serve to advance the practice of youth leadership and activism.

Organization: Santa Fe Mountain Center
Website: www.sf-mc.com
Grant Amount: $100,000
Santa Fe Mountain Center received $100,000 over three years to work in partnership with the Gay-Straight Alliance Network in California and five other collaborative partners to create a New Mexico Gay-Straight Alliance Network. Through peer support, leadership development and training, NM GSAN will support young people in starting, strengthening and sustaining GSAs throughout the state.

Organization: School of Unity and Liberation
Website: www.schoolofunityandliberation.org
Grant Amount: $100,000
School of Unity and Liberation received $100,000 over four years to build on the aspects of its work that focus on the leadership development of queer and transgender youth, training queer youth organizations and educating the broader youth movement about homophobia and transphobia.

Queer Youth Fund 2003-2004 Grantees

Organization: Boston Alliance of Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgendered Youth
Website: www.bagly.org
Grant Amount: $100,000
Boston Alliance of Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgendered Youth received $100,000 over three years to support its Queer Activist College. The Queer Activist College will strengthen and expand BAGLY's youth leadership opportunities while infusing these programs with a strong social justice component. The college will provide classes, workshops and forums as well as internships and leadership retreats to LGBTQ youth of color.

Organization: F.B. Alliance
Website: www.cootieshots.org
Grant Amount: $100,000
Fringe Benefits received $100,000 over four years to support 12 Theatre for Social Justice Institutes. The Institutes will be produced in collaboration with 12 different LGBTQ youth organizations throughout the United States. Each will involve a week of intensive workshops designed to create a play that promotes dialogue on issues such as racism and sexism in the LGBTQ community, transphobia in the workplace or homophobia in high schools.

Organization: Odyssey Youth Center
Website: www.odysseyyouth.org
Grant Amount: $100,000
Odyssey Youth Center received $100,000 over three years to support its Odyssey Out Loud Project. The project consists of an LGBTQ youth organizer training program along with an internship program. The organizer training sessions will develop critical thinking and leadership skills while the internships will allow the most engaged youth to develop their leadership and organizing skills.

Queer Youth Fund 2002-2003 Grantees

*Please note that grants from this cycle were made by Tides Foundation.  Additional information is not available at this time.

Organization: Fierce!
Website: http://fiercenyc.org/
Grant Amount: $100,000
Fierce! received $100,000 to support its citywide LGBTSTQ youth organizing project.

Organization: Gay-Straight Alliance Network
Website: www.gsanetwork.org
Grant Amount: $100,000
Gay-Straight Alliance Network received $100,000 to support its Gender Identity Campaign.