Liberty Hill invests in community organizers winning economic justice, environmental justice and lesbian and gay equality.

Their work benefits everyone who lives in L.A.  A 2010 National Center for Responsive Philanthropy study found that for every dollar invested in local community organizing, L.A. sees $91 in benefits.

Over the last 10 years, here's what our approach has meant to the men, women and children of Los Angeles.

  • 700,000 LAUSD students benefit from eliminating $250 truancy tickets and gaining access to college-prerequisite courses
  • 270,000 union wage construction jobs in low income communities
  • 300,000 bottle-fed babies safe from the toxic chemical BPA
  • 30,000 L.A. transgender persons with improved access to medical care
  • 7,450 new affordable apartments
  • Nearly 100,000 low-income men and women registered to vote
  • Legal safeguards to protect California's 25,000 LGBTQ high school students from harassment and violence
  • $580 million in annual L.A. purchases "go green"
  • 25,000 men and women raised above the poverty level by living wage jobs
  • $400 million secured for parks in low-income neighborhoods
  • 30,000 low-income downtown residents spared homelessness
  • 400,000 L.A. bus riders ride the largest clean-fuel bus fleet in the country
  • $1.74 million in back wages for men and women working at poverty wages in Koreatown supermarkets

Liberty Hill's recent successes
How Liberty Hill evaluates its grants, training and campaigns