Success Stories

Every day, grassroots leaders are working to expand equality and opportunity in L.A. They are working for economic justice, environmental justice and full equality for gays and lesbians.

Liberty Hill invests in these leaders, making sure they have the money, skills and alliances they need to create change, not charity. Their important work often goes unnoticed by the media. You can read their stories here.

The Rolland Curtis Gardens apartment complex provided a safe, affordable environment for artist David Mosley to raise his daughter. When the property's new owner announced plans to evict current residents and raise rents, David decided that their home was worth fighting for. A Liberty Hill grantee group was there to help. Read more about securing affordable housing in Los Angeles >>

Result: Affordable housing preserved for 140 families. Powered by Liberty Hill.


Middle-schooler Damien Valentine was an enthusiastic student until he was repeatedly suspended for minor infractions, like talking in class, that were labeled “willful defiance.” It didn’t seem fair, and missing school set him back academically. So Damien joined Liberty Hill's Brothers, Sons, Selves campaign. Read more about youth working to change discriminatory and discredited policies that create obstacles to student success. >>

Result: L.A. Unified School District adopts BSS "School Climate Bill of Rights" proposal, creating more opportunities for 662,140 LAUSD students to succeed. Powered by Liberty Hill.


Martha Sanchez asked neighbors about their children’s nosebleeds, stomachaches, headaches, dizziness and asthma attacks. And she wasn’t satisfied when government "experts" told her "there was nothing to worry about." Read on about this environmental grassroots leader >> 

743 healthier elementary school students. Hundreds of healthier families. Change. Powered by Liberty Hill.


Nabil Romero was late for school. As he arrived on campus, he was handcuffed, put in a squad car, kept from his classes, and slapped with a $250 ticket—a discriminatory punishment meted out to Black and Latino students by the thousands. With the help of organizers powered by Liberty Hill, he spoke up to change school policy and L.A. City law. Read more about preventing schools from being pipelines to prison instead of college. >>

When common sense discipline replaces punitive policies that push kids out of school, L.A.’s 660,000 students win. Powered by Liberty Hill.


We know the toxic chemical bisphenol A (BPA), widely used in plastics, could harm infants and children, says Stephanie Haynes — so why do manufacturers use it in sippy cups, baby bottles and baby food containers? She successfully lobbied California legislators to restrict the stuff, and now the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has followed suit. Read more about environmental justice for infants and toddlers >>

300,000 bottle-fed babies safe from the toxic chemical BPA. Powered by Liberty Hill.


Suzanne raised 10 times more money. America tripled her membership. Dawn recruited great board members. What made it possible? Liberty Hill's Wally Marks Leadership Institute for Change.  This institute training made it possible. Read more to learn how it affects future leaders >> 

Result: More members. More dollars. More power.
Powered by Liberty Hill.


When San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom began marrying gay couples in 2004, the Chinese community in the San Gabriel Valley erupted in protest. Large rallies, supported by church leaders, were held opposing gay marriage. Doreena Wong, a lawyer and social change activist of Chinese descent, was alarmed. Read more about same-sex marriage>> 

Result: Majority support for same-sex marriage in California's Asian/Asian Pacific Islander communities. Powered by Liberty Hill.


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