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Hold Banks Accountable

Byline: Rebecca Rona-Tuttle

Boy, do we relish our wins, especially when they’re hard-fought.

ACCE (Californians for Community Empowerment), led by Amy Schur, one of Liberty Hill’s 2010 Grassroots Leaders To Watch, is celebrating passage of Los Angeles’s “Foreclosure Registry” ordinance.  Liberty Hill grantee LAANE, SEIU Local 721 and allied organizations are cheering as well.

Peter Kuhns, ACCE’s Los Angeles co-director, explains it this way: “The ordinance will allow the city to hold banks and lending institutions accountable to maintaining their vacant, foreclosed properties!  In a unanimous vote on the ordinance authored by Council President Eric Garcetti, the LA City Council adopted the measure that will take hold within the month. 

“Los Angeles is now the largest city in the country to adopt such a law.  When implemented...

the new law will require banks register their vacant properties with the city enabling LA to collect fines of up to $1,000 per day on properties the banks fail to maintain. 

“In addition to helping stabilize neighborhoods altered by the impacts of the foreclosure crisis and generating badly needed revenue for the city, ACCE members are hopeful that this law will also create a direct disincentive for banks to displace families from their homes without first exploring all options to keep them there."

Peter is inviting allies, such as our Liberty Hill blog readers, to join ACCE on Thursday, May 27, when they move to the neighborhood of Pacoima. The point:  to begin raising awareness about this issue and encourage immediate enforcement of this ordinance. 

As Peter told us, “ACCE members will be planning further actions and rallies over the next month to continue our push to Free Main Street from Wall Street!”

If you want to get involved, contact Christina Livingston at or phone 213-863-4548 ext. 240.

Read the Daily News article, view the KABC story, and see what KPCC radio had to say.

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