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Michele Prichard Named to Harbor Community Benefit Foundation Board

Byline: Barbara Osborn

In a still perilous economy, where can we find the money to reduce pollution? Thanks to a settlement negotiated in 2008, L.A. will soon begin to tap into a trust funded by fees on all containers moving into the Port of Los Angeles—and that traffic is ticking up.

Liberty Hill's Director of Common Agenda Michele Prichard has been appointed by Mayor Villaraigosa to the board of the Harbor Community Benefit Foundation, a new entity that will distribute millions of dollars paid into a trust fund from “fees” that are associated with all containers moving through the Port.  It is a huge victory by Natural Resources Defense Council and several of our grantees, with Jesse Marquez of Coalition for a Safe Environment in the lead.

It has been estimated that up to $50 million could be raised over five years to distribute for the purpose of mitigating health, environmental and neighborhood impacts from the Port in Wilmington/San Pedro. 

Next week, on Tuesday, May 31st, the Board will be seated formally and conduct its first meeting.

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