Leadership Institute Wins Praise for Capacity-Building Work

by Anonymous (not verified) on November 18, 2011

Eddie Gonzalez, POEC, April Easley ROC-LA, Mari Ryono, MIV

Eddie Gonzalez of Pomona Economic Opportunity Center, April Easley of Restaurant Opportunity Center, and Mari Ryono of Mobilize the Immigrant Vote at the Leadership Institute.

Byline: Susan LaTempa

A vital component of Liberty Hill's support for community-based organizations is on-the-job training, technical support and coaching offered through the Wally Marks Leadership Institute.

The Leadership Institute was formally evaluated for the 2009-2010 period by Harder+Company in a just-published report commissioned by our foundation funders The California Wellness Foundation and The Weingart Foundation.

The report finds that in spite of the economic downturn, Liberty Hill was successful in building the capacity of “a wide range of minority-led and minority-serving organizations” and that grantees “achieved important gains in key capacity areas, particularly those related to fund development, communication and community engagement—essential skills for nonprofit sustainability.” You can download the full report, "Capacity Building for Minority-Led and Minority-Serving Organizations", from either of these links:

California Wellness Foundation

Weingart Foundation

The report also notes that “Although the evaluation was not intended to collect information about the long-term impact on grantees, it is clear that, as a group, they have increased their ability to serve their communities.”