Uplifting Donors

by Anonymous (not verified) on January 18, 2012

Byline: Vincent Jones

In February 2010 Liberty Hill hosted a transformative summit that convened African American donor-activists interested in investing in new solutions, strong leaders and effective organizations. Since that time, more than 100 people have been inspired to become an active part of Liberty Hill’s Uplifting Change community.

Now, we're ready for year three! The Uplifting Change Summit & Luncheon will be held February 13, 2012 at the Center for Healthy Communities.

Uplifting Change was launched to help strengthen the philanthropic power in L.A.’s African American communities. At the Summit, participants will learn practical tools to leverage their giving to develop new leaders in the community and build stronger organizations, and thus, a stronger community. 

African Americans have a long tradition of giving through churches, bridge clubs and fraternal organizations. Uplifting Change is about harnessing the philanthropic power we have in our own community and leveraging those resources to solve our problems. Historically, we have been seen as seekers of philanthropic dollars, not as philanthropic investors. But we are now in a position to strengthen our community through strategic philanthropic investment. Uplifting Change is ushering in that change, helping African Americans recognize their potential to strengthen the community through philanthropy.

Through the discussions of the Summit, participants will walk away with increased knowledge and ideas of how to “align with other foundations and their initiatives"; and to effectuate “increased impact” to their particular areas of interest and goals for giving. Participants will be given guidance on how to identify, access, and evaluate potential partnership opportunities. 

The Summit program is being finalized. Previous year’s panelists include: Assemblywoman Holly Mitchell, Fran Jemmott (Jemmott-Rollins Group), Dr. Robert Ross (The California Endowment), Susan Batten Taylor (Association of Black Foundation Executives) and Virgil Roberts (The James Foundation & California Foundation Black Men & Boys Initiative).

The Luncheon Session is open to the public. Tickets may be purchased at $100 by contacting Liberty Hill.

And for those of you still unfamiliar with Liberty Hill's groundbreaking work in L.A.'s African American communities, please note: Over the last 35 years, Liberty Hill has invested more than $41 million in community organizing at the frontlines of change in Los Angeles. Early investments include some of South Los Angeles’ most important community organizing and advocacy groups such as; FAME Renaissance, Community Coalition, and SCOPE.  Currently Black Women for Wellness, The Black Worker Center, L.A. Community Action Network, and other organizations serving Los Angeles’ African American community are being strengthened by Liberty Hill grants and training.