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Community Rights Campaign Organizer May 2012






A round-up of links to newspaper, tv, radio, blog and web stories about the work of Liberty Hill and our grantees that appeared May 8-31 (most recent first).

May 25 - Reproductive Rights
Black Women for Wellness’s Jan Robinson-Flint, a Liberty Hill 2012 Leader to Watch whose work has placed her right in the heart of the old-new “war on women” talks to The Grio about the missing voices in the national debate—the voices of women of color.

May 21-29 - School Push-Out
Labor Community Strategy Center finally obtained statistics from L.A. Unified School District that makes the pattern of school push-out profiling clear.


May 17-29 - Neighborhood Blight
A “blight tour” of South L.A. with community members organized by the Alliance of Californians for Community Empowerment (ACCE) inspired several journalists to tell neighborhood stories, including Hector Tobar’s for the L.A. Times. The tour’s described by Esperanza Arrizon for Intersections.

May 16-18 - Environmental Justice
Several L.A. City Council newsletters wrote about Liberty Hill’s “Guide to Green”, the recently-published guide to City and other programs that help businesses “go green.” The 15th District newsletter example here includes a link to the PDF of the report.

On the radio, KCRW’s news program Which Way LA? took a look at the Clean Up Green Up initiative and asked “Can L.A. make Green Zones of Toxic Hot Spots?” Download or listen here.

May 15 - Responsible Banking Ordinance
LA Voice PICO congregations worked for three years to finally pass L.A.’s “Responsible Banking Ordinance,” which requires that contracts for city banking business go to banks that make the most substantial investments in the local community.

May 12-18 - Marriage Equality
API Equality L.A. reached out to boxer Manny Pacquiao in an open letter/blog post and encouraged further dialogue on marriage equality.

In a light nod to a historic moment, Variety noted that thanks to President Obama’s declaration on same-sex marriage, Liberty Hill’s Upton Sinclair Dinner crowd was in a “rare mood.”

May 9 - Economic Justice and Organizing
James Irvine Foundation newsletter salutes the report L.A. Rising by Liberty Hill’s Michele Prichard and Manuel Pastor and links to The L.A. Times editorial by Manuel Pastor and Liberty Hill CEO Kafi D. Blumenfield.

May 8-24 - Tenants' Rights
When Mayor Villaraigosa proposed a steep hike in fines for street-sweeping tickets, Coalition for Economic Survival was on the case, and over several weeks pressed the argument that this “additional revenue” for the city budget would come from apartment dwellers in neighborhoods with inadequate parking for residents.

  • L.A. Weekly summarizes the situation at the end of the month
  • L.A. Times talks to apartment dwellers
  • CBS talks to opponents of the fine increase

May 8 - Student Activism
Citlali Hernandez, a student leader with Californians for Justice, writes about becoming a super-hero for our schools.

Santa Monica College’s newspaper profiles an artist who has developed an interactive artwork/discussion forum in collaboration with Restaurant Opportunity Center-LA inspired by her partner’s experience of wage theft as a restaurant worker.