Smart Giving with Paula and Barry Litt

by Anonymous (not verified) on November 21, 2012

nov 21 2012
Byline: Joe Edwards, special contributor

“The most important thing for new donors is to sit down with pen and paper and figure out their priorities – what’s most important to them. Where’s their passion? Then make a giving plan and stick to it!” Practical advice, gleaned from decades of strategic giving, from longtime Liberty Hill supporter and donor advised account holder Paula Litt.

Community organizing is Paula’s big passion. She and her husband civil rights attorney Barry Litt believe in “change not charity.” “Community organizations that are focused on making change are typically less funded than others. That’s why we give our money to Liberty Hill,” she says."Our secondary area of giving is civil rights and civil liberties.”

“Liberty Hill is close to our heart. Our experience here is that their attention and service to social justice cannot be matched anywhere. That's why we have our donor advised fund managed by Liberty Hill. There’s no other place that comes close in terms of donor services.”

Paula’s history with Liberty Hill goes back more than 30 years. Paula and her husband were deeply involved in the community organizing movement of the 1960s. Those experiences drive their philanthropic giving to this very day. "You can’t give to everything so narrow it,” she says. “It will make your donation more impactful.”