January 2013 Frontline to Headlines

by Anonymous (not verified) on February 08, 2013

feb 8 2013
Hector Flores of InnerCity Struggle and Lizette Patron of Monica Garcia LAUSD Board President's office at opening day Esteban Torres HS

January Frontline to Headlines

The new year means that some changes in state and federal law enacted last year and supported by Liberty Hill grantees are now being implemented (such as the Homeowners Bill of Rights and changes in school discipline). But it's also clearly a time of new proposals, and there's a lot of energy behind the push for immigration reform. Most recent items first.

January 23 to February 4

Liberty Hill’s 2013 Leaders to Watch announcements are being gradually rolled out to the press and we hope to follow these Fab Five ambassadors for Liberty Hill throughout the year. The wide range of interest is already apparent in these clips, one Witness L.A., a blog that covers the criminal justice system, another from A Wider Bridge,  a blog that is "building LGBTQ connections with Israel," and stll another from radio station KPFK. From the blog for KPFK’s show “Uprising,” here's a  video of an interview with two of the Leaders, Rabbi Heather Miller (Liberty Hill Advisory Council) and Ariel Bustamante (GSA Network).

January 30

Martin J. Blank offers an update in Huffington Post describing how InnerCity Struggle and its allies support the success of Torres High School (opened 2011), the school that community activism not only built but runs. Read about the community school model, the student-founded mentorship program and other innovations.

January 29

Some members of Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights of Los Angeles went in caravan to Nevada at the invitation of the White House to hear President Barack Obama’s presentation of proposals for immigration reform; some stayed in L.A. and held a viewing event and rally.  Local CBS was on hand for the latter.

January 28

“Progressives have achieved the impossible” in California, says The New Republic in this analysis of the passage of Prop.30 due to the “massive increase in political participation.” California Calls and the Alliance of Californians for Community Empowerment (ACCE) are among the Liberty Hill allies and grantees in the successful “Reclaiming California’s Future” coalition.   

January 25

The Press Enterprise reports on a coalition including Pomona Economic Opportunity Center that protests the targeting of day laborers in border patrol roundups.

Here’s an in-depth report on Youth Justice Coalition’s alternative high school with students, experts and Liberty Hill 2013 Leader to Watch Kruti Parekh contributing to the discussion.

January 17

In a series of comments to reporters including this one to L.A. Weekly’s Patrick Range McDonald, Coalition for Economic Survival challenges mayoral candidates to address housing issues.

January 15

In its highlight of a partner organization, the “Fix School Discipline” blog from Public Counsel interviews Executive Director and Founder of CADRE, Maisie Chin, who emphasizes parent organizing and empowerment as strategies for change.

January 11

Liberty Hill is facilitating the “Building a Lifetime of Options and Opportunities for Men” (BLOOM) initiative, which launched an online community for the youth participants, described in an item on the blog “Black
Gives Back.”

January 2

New Year, New Laws: Southern California Public radio’s “Multiamerican” blog untangles the technicalities of the law allowing the DMV to accept license application paperwork from young people who have signed up for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) immigration status, with comments from Jorge Mario Cabrera of Coalition for Humane Immigrant Right in Los Angeles. Meanwhile, Alliance of Californians for Community Empowerment and other advocates are excited about the passage of the California Homeowners Bill of Rights, described in this blog by Southern California Public Radio’s Frank Stoltze.