Queer Youth Fund 2012-2013 Grants Announced

by Anonymous (not verified) on July 26, 2013

july 26 2013Liberty Hill Foundation is pleased to announce the 2012-2013 grant recipients of the Queer Youth  Fund.


The Queer Youth Fund awards multi-year grants of $100,000 payable over three to five years to U.S.-based innovative and effective leadership development or organizing projects, or programs that empower gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, queer and questioning (GLBTQQ) youth (up to 24 years old).

The purpose of the Queer Youth Fund is to improve societal conditions affecting these youth and strengthen the GLBTQQ movement.

The organizations receiving grants in the 2012-2013 cycle are:

Advocates for Informed Choice (Cotati, CA) received $100,000 over three years to support its Inter/ACT youth leadership program, which provides a platform for intersex youth to speak publicly about their lives and to advocate collectively for their vision of intersex rights.  The three primary goals of Inter/ACT are: to provide intersex youth an opportunity to break the barriers of shame and isolation, project intersex youth voices into the national and international discussion of treatment of intersex children and to inject meaningful intersex advocacy into the vocabulary of young queer activists.

BreakOUT! (New Orleans, LA) received $100,000 over three years to support its “We Deserve Better” campaign to reduce discriminatory policing practices in New Orleans and work with community partners to build a safer and more just New Orleans.  In order to do so BreakOUT! will focus on police policy reform, developing youth leadership among the most marginalized youth at the center and mobilizing local service providers to develop LGBTQ-affirming practices and reduce barriers for youth opportunities.

Gender Justice Los Angeles (Los Angeles, CA), in partnership with Leadership Development in Interethnic Relations, received $100,000 over three years to build the leadership capacity of low-income transgender and gender non-conforming youth of color in Los Angeles.  GJLA is committed to establishing a Transgender Leadership Development Program to help fill the gap of transgender leadership within the broader GLBTQQ movement.  Utilizing LDIR’s expertise in leadership development, the program will combine a six-month leadership development training with an in-depth mentorship  program.

Trans Youth Support Network (Minneapolis, MN) received $100,000 over three years for its Trans Youth Leadership Development Program, envisioned and planned by transgender young people involved in TYSN.  The program will increase the leadership capacity of trans/gender non-conforming youth of color and support them to lead the organization.  TYSN plans to increase accessibility of services for trans youth across the county and state and substantially develop the leadership capacity, skills and knowledge of trans youth.

july 26 2013-2

Members of BreakOUT! of Louisiana.

The Queer Youth Fund is not currently accepting applications.To learn more  about Queer Youth Fund partner projects, read our blog posts on Queer Women of Color Media Arts Project and on recipients of 2010-2011 grants: The Brown  Boi Project (Oakland, CA); Colorado Anti-Violence Program (Denver, CO); Make the Road New York (Brooklyn, NY); The Theatre Offensive (Cambridge, MA);  and Three Wings (Seattle, WA).