Frontlines to Headlines Sept.- Oct. 2013

by Anonymous (not verified) on October 10, 2013

oct 10L.A. Voice Pico members at signing of AB60

Special Legislation update: Much of the important news in recent weeks is about new laws passed by the California legislature and signed by Governor Brown. Many Liberty Hill grantees co-sponsored and worked hard for passage of particular bills, winning important policy changes. 


  • AB 240- long supported by Union de Vecinos, will make mutual water companies more accountable residents and allows possible grants to improve drinking water quality in Maywood. Reported in the LA Times.



  • AB 154- Black Women for Wellness is part of a  statewide alliance of women's health organizations who worked for this bill that increases healthcare access for women by expanding the types of health professionals who can provide early abortions. Signing reported in San Jose Mercury News.




  • AB 570 requires high schools or unified school districts to
    adopt transparent rules and regulations to govern the voluntary transfer of students to continuation schools.
  • AB 549 Campus safety—encourages clear guidelines for roles of police and counselors at schools; reported by Southern California Public Radio.
  • SB 744- no longer allows homeless and foster youth to be involuntarily placed in schools normally reserved for expelled students and students on probation. All supported by our Brothers Sons Selves Coalition groups and YJC.


  • SB 260 enables youth who were transferred to adult court and sentenced to more than 10 years to petition to have their sentence reviewed for possible resentencing. Supported by LA Community Action Network (LACAN) and YJC, mentioned in this Human
    Rights Watch blog
  • AB 458- was passed into law in August. It requires that parents would be notified and be able to submit documentation contesting the designation if their child is placed on the California Gang Database. Supported by our Brothers Sons Selves Coalition groups and YJC.

Other September news reports on work by Liberty Hill partners. Most recent first.

Sept. 27

An article in Southern California Public Radio’s “Multiamerican” blog describes a new report by Asian Americans Advancing Justice – Los Angeles, showing that segments of the Asian American community including the Cambodian community where Khmer Girls in Action are based, face under-reported challenges and obstacles.

Sept. 24

This Jewish Journal article highlights Shawn Landres and his recent NextGen Award from Liberty Hill Foundation.

Sept. 21

A discussion in the L.A. Times of a trend to decrease the role of police on La-area campuses includes comments from Community Rights Campaign (Labor/Communtiy Strategy Center) organizer Zoe Rawson.

A discussion in the L.A. Times of a trend of increasing income and education levels of downtown LA residents includes comments from LACAN co-director Becky Dennison.

Sept. 20

The Signal Tribune reports on a screening of The Cost of Living: The Faces of the Housing Crisis in Long Beach, a documentary featuring Housing Long Beach (HLB) community leaders.

Sept. 11

HLB Executive Director Kerry Gallagher writes a guest commentary Op-Ed in the Press Telegram.

Sept. 10

Al-Jazeera America reports on the “Ready to Work” rally and jobs fair hosted by Los Angeles Black Worker Center describing how many low wage workers are African American.

Sept. 4

LA Weekly’s “The Informer” blog covered Silver Lake community’s divided response to the recent imposition of a gang injunction, mentioning YJC and the ACLU’s opposition.