Queer Youth Fund Grants Announced

by Anonymous (not verified) on October 16, 2014


Since 2002, the Queer Youth Fund, housed at Liberty Hill,  has made multi-year grants to organizations located in the United States working to improve the quality of life among gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, queer and questioning (GLBTQQ) youth through innovative and effective leadership development or organizing projects or programs that empower GLBTQQ youth. The 2014 grants have recently been announced.

Queer Youth Fund 2013-2014 Grantees

Organization: API Equality-LA
Website: www.apiequalityla.org
Grant Amount: $100,000
API Equality-LA received $100,000 over three years to support a sustainable and unique model of youth leadership development that will create a new generation of bold API LGBT youth leaders and contribute to a more inclusive, accountable and sustainable movement for social justice.

Organization: Hispanic Black Gay Coalition
Website: www.hbgc-boston.org
Grant Amount: $100,000
Hispanic Black Gay Coalition received $100,000 over four years to establish and support one new gay-straight alliance annually in a local high school that primarily serves Black and Latina/o students.  HBGC will support the GSAs in creating a more inclusive environment for LGBTQ students of color.  Funds will also help sustain and expand HBGC’s annual Youth Empowerment Conference for LGBTQ youth of color under the age of 25.

Organization: Pennsylvania Student Equality Coalition
Website: www.pennsec.org
Grant Amount: $100,000
Pennsylvania Student Equality Coalition received $100,000 over four years to advance queer youth empowerment in Pennsylvania through designing a strong and inclusive leadership pipeline, securing access for youth to participate in meaningful statewide advocacy efforts regardless of financial background, centralizing youth advocacy efforts regardless of financial background, centralizing youth advocacy efforts in Harrisburg and building financial literacy training into PSEC’s leadership development to ensure the future success of the coalition.

Organization: Soulforce
Website: www.soulforce.org
Grant Amount: $100,000
Soulforce received $100,000 over three years to support The Next Generation Soulforce Equality Ride which challenges cultures and policies at the leading universities of the Religious Right that lean away from queer and racial justice.  It will work with emerging youth leaders and students living in targeted communities to host workshops and events that create dialogue about intersectional justice, fundamentalism and systemic change.  It will also provide further options to be leaders in national campaigns that build from the campus work.

A statement from two of the founding donors:

“Over the last 12 years, the Queer Youth Fund has granted $4.9 million to 49 groups supporting LGBTQQ youth in the United States and Canada.  Our dream to create strong and effective organizations that empower youth has been realized in many racially and economically diverse communities.  We are so grateful to the many activists who have worked hand in hand with our donor committee in making grant decisions and sharing their strengths and challenges so openly and honestly.  We believe our $100,000 grants payable over three to five years have enabled smaller, grassroots organizations to plan and execute their programs with great care, confidence and community involvement.  Because of the leadership and courage of our grantees, both the United States and Canada have experienced a growing consciousness in government, philanthropy, the media and local communities about the unique issues faced by LGBTQQ youth and how critical it is for communities to embrace and benefit from the leadership and involvement of their LGBTQQ youth.”