BSS Youth Rally for Prop 47: The Safe Neighborhoods and Schools Act *Updated with Call to Action*

by Anonymous (not verified) on October 24, 2014

By Karen Driscoll 


With election day, November 4th, quickly approaching, several of our grantees focused on youth leadership have been pushing for a call to action for Proposition 47, which are  worth noting:

Youth Justice Coalition is offering a FREE concert this Thursday, October 30th in support of Prop 47.  All the details are here.

Community Coalition is offering an opportunity to sign up and take a pledge to vote.  It's also offering volunteering opportunities, all of which you can sign up for via their homepage.

InnerCity Struggle is offering several different ways to get involved, including a text campaign, social media push  and more below:

  • Text Prop47 to 323-745-2349 and get up-to-date information on voting and volunteering for Prop 47.
  • Change your profile picture on social media to the Yes on 47 badge. Download the badge here.
  • Sign up to volunteer with the campaign at an event near your community.
  • If you are interested in joining InnerCity Struggle to mobilize Eastside voters on Election Day contact Henry Perez at
Prop 47 Rally (first from the left: unidentified); Alfonso Aguilar, Community Coalition (second from left); Eddie Flores, Youth Justice Coalition (third from left); Damien Valentine, Community Coalition (fourth from left); Timothy Walker, Community Coalition (fifth from left); (last on the right unidentified)

On October 14th  youth from the Brothers, Sons, Selves Coalition rallied outside of the Los Angeles Unified School District for justice that works in support of Proposition 47: The Safe Neighborhoods and Schools Act, a ballot initiative up for vote this November. The proposition reclassifies 6 non-violent, non-serious felonies to misdemeanors, which would save the state millions of dollars in prison expenditures that will be directed to education (25%), mental health and drug treatment (65%), and trauma recovery services for crime victims (10%). Prop 47 reduces barriers to re-entry and focuses on prevention instead of incarceration.

2014-10-14 16.18.11

Motivated youth carried brightly painted signs with slogans that read "Education Not Incarceration," and "Schools Not Jails" while loudly chanting "Get up, get up, let's vote vote vote!  Prop 47 is the way to go," and "Invest in schools not in jail, Prop 47 will prevail!"

Youth, parents and community allies marched up and down Los Angeles streets encouraging the District to invest in schools not prisons. The passion with which BSS young men spoke was inspiring, especially considering their diverse experiences. At a young age, Eddie Flores was involved in the juvenile justice system.   He hadn't received the support needed to have a successful future until connecting with the Youth Justice Coalition’s FREE L.A. High School program upon release. Eddie is now pursuing his diploma at YJC’s FREE L.A. High School and recruits his friends to continue their education alongside him.

prop 47

Timothy Walker chanted alongside Eddie with the same enthusiasm but different experience. Timothy knows the affects of incarceration having witnessed the challenges of family and friends. While rallying outside LAUSD, Timothy was also contemplating an important decision, which college to attend next fall. Timothy is a shining example of the success we can achieve as a community when we make smarter choices with our dollars and uplift learning and growth.

The Brothers, Sons, Selves Coalition is committed to dismantling the school-to-prison pipeline.   Prop 47 is an important step toward preventing our students and young people from getting dragged into our juvenile and criminal justice system, which discourages education and employment.  The LAUSD Board answered young people’s call to action and voted to endorse Prop 47 as an important investment in achievement and learning so that LAUSD students, especially our young boys and men of color, are prepared for a secure, successful future and better quality of life.

schools not jail

On November 4 make sure to exercise your voting power and vote YES on Proposition 47: The Safe Neighborhoods and Schools Act.  To read the full language of Prop 47, or for canvasing opportunities go here.