Ferguson now. L.A. then. Justice for All.

by Anonymous (not verified) on November 28, 2014

BSS rally2

A statement from Shane Murphy Goldsmith, President/CEO, Liberty Hill Foundation.

“This is becoming an all too familiar feeling—one of outrage, anger, sadness, and a deep realization that we're Black, and this system was not built to protect us.” These were the words Karen Driscoll, who manages our Brothers, Sons, Selves Coalition, sent me just hours after the grand jury decision was announced.

That decision sends a strong message—that if we’re Black, our lives don’t matter. But our Brothers, Sons, Selves youth leaders have not lost hope. They are leading the fight for long-term systemic change to end the extreme and continuing expression of racism in the form of killings, mass incarceration, failing schools. We urge you to read their statement on our blog.

Liberty Hill’s social media platforms are sharing the statements and comments put out by our grantee groups and allies, so please check in onLiberty Hill’s Facebook feed, and on Brothers, Sons, Selves Facebook feed. We welcome your comments and will continue to comment ourselves, using the hashtags #blacklivesmatter and #not1more.

For information about current protests, calls for action, and demands for justice at the federal level, visit http://fergusonaction.com/, andhttp://fergusonresponse.tumblr.com/?og=1. You may also want to accessLetter to President Obama and US Attorney General Eric Holder, a petition launched by ColorOfChange.org immediately following the grand jury verdict.

As so many Liberty Hill supporters know, our nearly 40-year history encompasses the deep despair of 1992’s Rodney King uprising. Our leadership at the time is widely credited with galvanizing foundations and donors to respond and then deploying a grantmaking strategy that seeded and strengthened community organizations whose work has since improved conditions dramatically in L.A. It is the groups we were the first to fund and have supported for decades who have helped to lead the peaceful protests in our streets in response to Ferguson.

“L.A. Rising,” the 2012 report by Manuel Pastor and Michele Prichard that seeks to describe the lessons of our city’s experience for today’s movement building is available on this page of our website.

Peace and Progress,

Shane Murphy GoldSmith