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Giving Tuesday Tip #12: Giving Tuesday!!

LHF-GT-Logo-Square-Hashtag-White-on-GreenIt's Game Day ... #GivingTuesday and Liberty Hill couldn't be more excited!  Today's tip is to repeat Tips 1-11 and GIVE.  If you missed a step in our 12 days of #GivingTuesday Tips series encouraging giving, today's a great day to go back and follow it!  Here's all the tips in order from 1-11.  Happy Giving!


1.  Our Video vs. Your Video:  At Liberty Hill, we love #GivingTuesday and  we love competition! (Our staff holiday parties feature a cutthroat game of pictionary.)

So we challenge you to a competition! Watch and share Liberty Hill's  Giving Tuesday video, then make your own Giving Tuesday video about Liberty Hill and post it on our Facebook page. If yours is better, we'll say so and post it on the home page of our website.

After all, we're about building power for low income communities. Our Push for Power plan for 2015 is to raise more money to build more power so Los Angeles-based campaigns can scale up to regional and statewide campaigns to (1) improve conditions for low-wage workers, (2) curtail unconventional drilling in urban areas, and (3) expand opportunities for young people of color.

2.  Binge Branding:  You've made the decision to GIVE  to Liberty Hill on #GivingTuesday, great!  Now what?  Fly your flag proud!  Let the (cyber) world know that you are giving and so should they.  And you don't need to be a graphic designing dynamo to do it either.   We've made it so simple for you.  Change your Facebook profile picture? We got you!  Make an Instagram post?  Sure!  Tweet tweet tweet? No problem!

We've provided everything you need to adorn your various social media profiles with #GivingTuesday messaging, encouraging all of your networks to give all the while.

Just go here for all the Liberty Hill Foundation #GivingTuesday branding assets you need.  Happy Giving!

3.  Show Your Un-Selfie Side:  Supporting Liberty Hill on #GivingTuesday is not only a great thing to do,  it can be fun too! Be a part of the global giving movement by uploading a selfless selfie or an UNselfie to your Instagram account and use the hashtags #UNselfie and #LibertyHillGivingTuesday  to let the world know how  YOU'RE giving this year!

4.  Get Social with Your Social Media:  At Liberty Hill we're all about social media.  Facebooking, Tweeting, IGing and texting are all things you love doing too right?  Be honest, it takes up more of you're time then you're willing to admit.  Yeah, we know.  Here's an idea: How about making it worth you're while - get social with it!  Have a "Social Media Social" with your friends.  And we've even got a theme AND  a hashtag for you ... #GivingTuesday!  There are even more tools to keep that Social Media Social of yours jumping.  Just head over to our Giving Tuesday page and grab everything you need.

5.  Get Picky With It:  At Liberty Hill we encourage you to be picky ... and by picky we mean pick 35 of your social media friends or followers and tag them in a #GivingTuesday post.  Why 35?  Because on this Giving Tuesday think local.  And when GIVING $35, $350 or $3,500 to Liberty Hill, you'll be helping more than 35 grassroots organizations right here in Los Angeles!  Need some examples of what to post?  We've got you covered with that too, right here.

6.  Give Good Face:  At Liberty Hill we give good face.  By that we mean our Liberty Hill Facebook Page is a great resource to find out more about #GivingTuesday, what our grantees are up to and what great social justice is happening around LA.  For #GivingTuesday we want to help you "give good face" too.  We've come up with some great Facebook posts to get folks in the giving mood.  Feel free to peruse our examples or come up with your own.  Happy Giving!

7.  Thanks(for)giving:  Happy Thanksgiving from Liberty Hill! Thanksgiving is a time to reflect on all things and people for which you are thankful.  It's also the perfect time to thank your social networks for agreeing to GIVE this #GivingTuesday.  Today tag a friend and say thanks!  Don't forget to use the hashtags #GivingTuesday #LibertyHill.

8.  Give Back on Black ... Friday:  Aah Black Friday.  At Liberty Hill we know exactly what day this is.  It's the culmination of the day that you've been bombarded with, by marketing messages  for the last month!  Spend, spend, spend is what they've been telling you to do.  But now we're spreading this message instead on Black Friday: Givegive, give back! That's what #GivingTuesday is all about.  Black Friday noooo! #GivingTuesday? Yes!

9.  It's Sweet to Tweet:  At Liberty Hill we know that sometimes just a quick tweet to someone is all it takes to get them in gear to GIVE.  Why not tweet a message about #GivingTuesday as a reminder to think local?  And when giving $35, $350 or $3,500 to Liberty Hill, you'll be helping more than 35 grassroots organizations right here in Los Angeles!  We've even got some examples of what you can tweet here.  Happy Giving!

10.  Skip the Extras Sunday:  At Liberty Hill we love #GivingTuesday and are committed to coming up with great ideas to inspire giving.   Today, instead of buying that pricey cup of coffee, dining out or getting that mani/pedi– why not Skip the Extras Sunday and put that money aside to GIVE on #GivingTuesday – jump online and encourage your friends to do it too with these handy tools!

11.  Not Just Another Meme Monday: At Liberty Hill we know what day it is, Cyber Monday.  That day when folks who wanted to avoid the shopping crowds jump online to do their holiday cyber shopping instead.  Why not take advantage of all those Cyber Monday shoppers and encourage them to GIVE by sharing one ... or all of our Liberty Hill #GivingTuesday memes with your networks.  Here's an example of one below.  You can download our entire gallery of Liberty Hill Memes here.  Then share them all!