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Renewing Our Vows to Fight for Equality

Shane Murphy Goldsmith (left), her wife Monica Avina Granados, and their sons. Shane Murphy Goldsmith (left), her wife Monica Avina Granados, and their sons.

Today, Liberty Hill Foundation's President and CEO, Shane Murphy Goldsmith, spoke at a press conference called by Mayor Eric Garcetti to celebrate and comment on the Supreme Court decision handed down today in favor of same-sex marriage nationwide. Shane participated as one half of a married couple. In June 17, 2008, then acting Mayor Garcetti made Shane and her wife Monica the first gay couple to get married in the city of Los Angeles. Here is an excerpt from her remarks, which she began by holding up the photo above. 

This is my family. These are the people I love more than anything in the world.

My wife, Monica Avina Granados. My children, Jude Santiago Avina Goldsmith and Oliver Miguel Avina Goldsmith. If you can’t see it from where you’re sitting it’s on my Facebook page.

We were married June 17, 2008. Here at City Hall. Our anniversary was nine days ago.  I love my wife. Thank you,  Mr. Mayor, for marrying us that day.

Some of you may be thinking “oh no big deal we’re in California.” Let me tell you.#LoveWins @2

Monica and I were married here in June, 2008. We’d actually gotten married two years earlier, but of course, our marriage was all love and no law. Our marriage had no legal standing. And four months after our legal marriage by the Mayor, we were in legal limbo again when Prop 8 passed.

So it’s hard to express how good it feels to finally stand on solid legal ground so that Monica and I can raise our two boys in a stable, loving home that has the sanction of the us supreme court and the us constitution.

The Supreme Court released a decision this morning that we celebrate. But millions of gay and lesbian individuals have, for decades,  taken important action to make this possible.

I want to call out their courage. Their visibility. Their organizing. Their lawsuits. Their love.

Our victory for lesbian and gay equality is about love, about letting  everyone express their love.

Rather than today’s court decision representing the end of our advocacy, let’s make it a point of renewal. Our movement is not just about winning the protections of marriage for same-sex couples, it's also about winning equal rights for transgender people, for LGBTQ immigrants, for young people who are questioning their identity-- for all of us who struggle in the face of gender and racial discrimination.

This is a time for us to stand with others. Let’s shower people in this country who still yearn for acceptance and justice, let’s shower them with our love and make this great country a country of love and justice.