Frontlines to Headlines June 2016

by Crystal Shaw on June 20, 2016



The state of California is requiring L.A. Unified to redirect major funding to the highest need students, a move championed by the Brothers, Sons Selves Coalition and Community Coalition.  Read more in the Los Angeles Times


Equal Voice profiled Corleone Ham in its “America’s Next Leaders” series.  Corleone has been a part of Khmer Girls in ActionBrothers, Sons, Selves and Liberty Hill’s Queer Justice Youth Leadership program.



The Los Angeles Times reports that following pressure from STAND-LA group, Esperanza Community Housing, the city of Los Angeles is forcing a polluting oil field in South L.A. to remain closed or comply with stronger regulations.  Also visit the Huffington Post for a piece by actor, Mark Ruffalo, on young STAND-LA activist, Nalleli Cobo, who fought to shut down the site.  Then see a second L.A. Times article for the story on how organizers from Redeemer Community Partnership are trying to put a cap on drilling in their neighborhood as well.  

Huffington Post article on Break Free from Fossil Fuels demonstrations in Downtown L.A. mentioned the work of STAND-LA and Communities for a Better Environment organizer, Ashley Hernandez, in fighting neighborhood oil drilling.  See a video from for more footage of STAND-LA activists at the event.


Clean Up Green Up made international headlines in this CNN India report on how California is dealing with environmental issues, featuring Liberty Hill’s Michele Prichard and Union de Vecinos





The Los Angeles City Council has approved a new law requiring farmers markets to accept EBT, increasing access to healthy food.  See LAist and Equal Voice for more on how Los Angeles Community Action Network spearheaded the campaign.  


An article in Labor Notes discussed how L.A. carwash workers are organizing and winning with the help of CLEAN Carwash Campaign.

Pilipino Workers Center (PWC) was among groups rallying to secure permanent overtime pay for domestic workers during a Mother’s Day demonstration at City Hall.  The Asian Journal has the story.  PWC appeared in another Asian Journal article on efforts to increase voter turnout among AAPI communities for the June primary election.

An L.A. Times story on a proposed “millionaires tax” designed to allocate funds toward the homelessness crisis included commentary from Los Angeles Black Worker Center (BWC) director, Lola Smallwood Cuevas, who told the story of one BWC member who struggled with homelessness.

An initiative to encourage developers to build more affordable housing near transit will appear on the November ballot.  L.A. Weekly spoke to José Eduardo Sánchez of Koreatown Immigrant Workers Alliance (KIWA) while LAist quoted Marcus Allgood of LA Voice on the importance of increasing the city’s housing stock.

Los Angeles City Councilmembers are moving to approve a measure legalizing certain “bootleg” housing units in the hopes of alleviating the city’s housing shortage.  A Los Angeles Daily News article quoted Coalition for Economic Survival (CES) executive director, Larry Gross, who applauded the initiative.


After the L.A. County Board of Supervisors voted to place major restrictions on solitary confinement for youths, advocates, including Youth Justice Coalition, are taking the fight statewide.  An article in Chronicle of Social Change profiled YJC member, Tanisha Denard, who discussed her traumatic experience being detained in solitary confinement.

Community Coalition held a town hall meeting in support of full funding for Prop 47.  See the Los Angeles Sentinel for more.

All of Us or None and A New Way of Life continue to work on Prop 47  implementation with “record change” events such as a recent “Justice Fair” in Long Beach highlighted in the Long Beach Gazette.

EdSource quoted Manuel Criollo of the Labor/Community Strategy Center on the value of restorative justice in a story about a new report from UCLA. The report found that suspending kids from school puts a huge burden on taxpayers due to adverse outcomes for students.



Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights of Los Angeles (CHIRLA) executive director, Angelica Salas, spoke out in the Los Angeles Times against newly planned federal deportation raids targeting undocumented Central American immigrants, while Jorge-Mario Cabrera of CHIRLA explained to KPCC that many migrants are unaware of the status of their immigration cases, leading to missed court dates.

An L.A. Times article on violence surrounding demonstrations at Trump rallies quoted Angelica Salas of CHIRLA who pointed out how the Republican candidate is a role model for aggressive behavior.  Meanwhile a PBS report on how the immigration debate has shaped California politics featured commentary from Salas on why she thinks Trump’s attacks on migrants will backfire.

Undocumented youth under age 19 are now eligible to receive healthcare from Medi-Cal.  An Inland Empire Community News article on the measure quoted a statement from the Inland Empire Immigrant Youth Coalition urging expansion of health services to undocumented adults and other vulnerable populations.


Huffington Post blog on how local efforts can have an impact on immigration issues outside of DACA and DAPA cited CLEAN Carwash Campaign as an example of a powerful organization on immigrant rights.

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