Report on Queer Justice Youth Convening

by Susan LaTempa on June 23, 2016


By Shear Avory

As a resilient multiracial, Black and Ingenious Trans-Gender-Non-Conforming femme youth of color and advocate who has endured, resiliently, the societal determinants impacting LGBTQ youth, specifically LGBTQ youth of color, to collectively create ‪#ChangeNotCharity with fellow #a QueerJusticeYouthLeaders at the revolutionarily 2016 #a QueerJusticeYouthConveining : 'From#ActivismToOrganizing' on with Liberty Hill Foundation and the 2016 Queer Justice YouthLeadership Program, was grounding in personal purpose of movement in liberation and #‎a YouthPower.

The 2016 Queer Justice Youth Convening unapologetically created and centered space for youth movement and liberation centering the personal experiences and knowledge of Non-Binary Queer youth of color advocating for LGBTQ social justice through community organizing that directly shifts policies and disparities impacting LGBTQ youth in Los Angeles.

It is imperative that our intersectional movements of liberation stand in solidarity with fostering the inclusion of youth leadership and the empowerment and development of youth wellness and longevity as youth are the next generation of innovation in our intersectional movements of liberation. Ageism is an ISM; it is an act of oppression. Our movements and our movement advocates, organizers, and leaders have the power, thus the obligation, to shift this disparity directly contributing to the disparities impacting LGBTQ, Non-Binary, and Intersex youth - including but not limited to employment opportunities and economic stability, access to shelters and transitional housing opportunities and housing stability, access to comprehensive and individual-trauma-sensitive mental health services, the right to avail from the benefits of education in a safe and productive learning environment, access to higher education, and access to the spectrum of their support.

It was an absolute pleasure and privilege to connect in #a QueerYouthJusticeMovement with the fellow Queer Justice Youth Leaders of the Queer Justice Youth Leadership Program -
Claudia Iraheta, Kween Bee, Alex Alvarez, Sandy Garcia, Johnny Ramos, Ezequiel Ramos, Alina Bee, and Corleone Ham.

I would like to thank Liberty Hill for fostering and empowering my leadership development as a Queer Justice YOUTH Leader as well as Marley Liberty Hill, Jennifer Epps-Addison, Michelle Lin, Jacky Guerrero, and Liberty Hill's Executive Director Shane Goldsmith. I immensely appreciate the support of Ezak Perez, Gender Justice LA, Andy Su, API Equality-LA, Cathy Chu and De Leon Alexander, GSA Network and GSA Network Southern CaliforniaCalifornians for JusticeKhmer Girls in Action, and My Friend's Place.

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