After a week of fear, rage and sorrow

by Crystal Shaw on July 14, 2016

Anguish.  Shock.  Outrage.  Sorrow.

These are just some of the emotions running through our hearts and minds at Liberty Hill as we attempt to grasp the brutality, violence and injustice of the events of the last week.  
We mourn the tremendous loss of life and the deep gash that has been torn through so many families, communities and the nation. We know that you, as part of our community, are grieving too.
Our work of the past forty years has witnessed moments like this before—when the human indignities of racial discrimination, gun violence, police brutality, and despair all compound and converge and explode into a situation that is frightening, incomprehensible and seemingly intractable.
Liberty Hill pledges to renew and sustain grassroots community organizing efforts to confront and address the systemic issues of institutionalized racism, economic inequality and powerlessness faced by Black people in America in particular, and by people of color more generally.  We will continue to invest in constructive social change, support new leaders who will “speak truth to power,” and bring forth ideas and solutions that stem from the experience and wisdom of frontline communities.
In Los Angeles, the grassroots organizations Liberty Hill supports are organizing spaces for healing and action. For information, refer to our website’s “Take Action” page, where you’ll find information about current meetings, healing circles, and forums including Community Coalition’s upcoming community conversation tomorrow night.  
Together, we must examine what divides us, our bonds to one another, and our need for reconciliation and unity rooted in justice and respect.  
We must all do our share to help move our communities and our country forward to a collective future of peace and human dignity. At Liberty Hill, these challenges arise in the center of our grantmaking deliberations. Our Community Funding Board has called upon us to think about our strategic investments in terms of the ability to build power and ownership in communities that have long been excluded from decision making.  We know that for Black lives to truly matter we must reform the systemic injustice experienced by communities of color on a daily, sometimes hourly basis.
At Liberty Hill, we will continue to be a responsive grantmaker. We will continue to listen to and stand in solidarity with our grantees who are demanding an America where everyone matters, where everyone has the opportunity to lead a dignified life, and where injustice is met head on with an organized and well-funded opposition committed to the liberation and freedom of all our people. Out of these tragedies, we see renewed energy and movement in the streets and Liberty Hill remains committed not only to justice but to advancing the leadership of grassroots organizers who've helped bring about a national awareness that the time and place for change is here and now.

In hope and action,

Liberty Hill Foundation Executive Team
Shane Murphy Goldsmith
Michele Prichard
Preeti Kulkarni
Jennifer Epps-Addison
Marcia Salvary
Susan LaTempa


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