This is How You Talk About Ballot Measures

by Crystal Shaw on September 23, 2016

Last week Liberty Hill held the Commissions Training event: "What's at Stake in November".  The standing-room-only crowd was made up of an incredibly diverse group of grantees, commissions training participants and donor activists. 

Across the board, the ballot measure conversation proved to be successful in its aim to inform community members about what issues were important to them on the upcoming ballot. Four panelists--Rosemarie Molina from Community Coalition, Henry Perez from, Laura Raymond from Alliance for Community Transit – LA and Veronica Padilla from Pacoima Beautiful were on hand to delve into the specifics of three very important ballot measures: Proposition 55, Proposition 57 and local measure JJJ (known to many as "Build Better Los Angeles").  Liberty Hill’s own Chief Program Officer, Jennifer Epps-Addsion, moderated a very nuanced conversation about how to make the election relevant to young voters, specifically when thinking about the aforementioned props and measure. Veronica, who is also a City Planning Commissioner, was able to  add some reflections on how measures like JJJ influence the work of commissions. 

Great conversation came from the attendees about voter engagement strategies, criminal justice reforms and sentencing, how to get involved with actions of grantees, and targeted questions about how these propositions impact especially marginalized groups, such as undocumented immigrants and trans people of color. 

To keep the conversation going, here is some information about the propositions mentioned. 

Measure JJJ:,_California,_%22Build_Better_LA%22_Affordable_Housing_and_Development_Initiative_(November_2016)

Proposition 55:,_Extension_of_the_Proposition_30_Income_Tax_Increase_(2016)

Proposition 57:,_Parole_for_Non-Violent_Criminals_and_Juvenile_Court_Trial_Requirements_(2016)

If you liked Liberty Hill’s ballot measure conversation and want to attend more events like it, or want to spread the word to your community, below is a list of similar upcoming events.


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