#Resistance Lives Here

by Shane Goldsmith on February 07, 2017

We’re just two weeks into the Trump administration and it’s already one of the most frightening periods of our lifetimes, no matter how long our lifetimes. Every day we are waking up to a seemingly endless attack from the White House on those values that we cherish most—inclusion, equality and justice for all. It has stirred a mix of emotions—fear, anxiety, despair, anger and frustration—for those of us who want a more just and progressive Los Angeles and nation.  

But we have the power and homegrown leadership to RESIST national threats while continuing to ADVANCE our progressive agenda here at home.
I’ve been incredibly inspired by the powerful resistance by hundreds of thousands of Angelenos. Liberty Hill and the organizing groups we support have been at the center, fighting to protect our social justice movement and prevail in the struggle for human rights.
You can help. Donate to Liberty Hill now to support progressive leaders on the frontlines of these fights.
Los Angeles has been roiling with mass protests of historic proportions: mobilizations at airports to stop unconstitutional immigration policies, the historic counter-inaugural Women's March L.A., and #RESIST actions protesting discriminatory executive orders.

And I am proud to say that these demonstrations are in part the result of a network of progressive coalitions and leaders that have been supported, trained, and in some cases, seeded by Liberty Hill. Through the strength of your donations we have been able to build a strong infrastructure of organizations in Los Angeles who have the readiness and ability to give voice to our values, and protect our most vulnerable families in times like this, when resistance is needed most. And through the incredible efforts of this committed group of our grantee partners, there has been great success in advancing the rights of immigrants, women, Latino and African American young men, along with our gay, lesbian and trans brothers and sisters.
You won’t read about their work in the newspaper. Behind the scenes of this spontaneous outpouring of public resistance is the strength of fast-moving progressive coalitions Liberty Hill has supported for many years. These groups are doing the essential work to hold a movement together in the face of fierce opposition, and are continuing to build power with practical training and the support of their thousands of members.

Recent examples of work by Liberty Hill grantees:

  • Asians and Pacific Islanders for LGBT Equality (API Equality-LA), a leader in the local LGBTQ movement, rushed to the scene at LAX when the travel ban protests began, providing on-the-spot trainings on safe demonstration practices for newly minted activists.


  • Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights of Los Angeles (CHIRLA), the now-national leader of immigration rights work, sustains its long-haul strategy to protect immigrant families with its "100 Days of Citizenship" push. Free workshops three times a week are aimed at the 2.2 million Californians who qualify.


  • On February 9, LA Voice, the powerhouse interfaith network of dozens of Los Angeles Muslim, Christian and Jewish congregations is training groups to offer “Know Your Rights” information to communities, and to set up rapid response teams and sanctuary. Dignity and Power Now hosts a “Sanctuary for All Gathering” tomorrow, February 4.

What is Liberty Hill doing? What we do best—getting resources to the grassroots and strengthening the leaders on the frontlines, when and where they need it. For more than 40 years, Liberty Hill has been on the forefront of making social change. Regardless of the political climate, Liberty Hill and its partners have been unwavering. And none of that changes today.  
You have been part of that movement to build a Los Angeles we can all be proud of. Your gifts fuel the work on the frontlines and the broad landscape of seldom-seen nitty-gritty work that someone's got to do, while those opposing social justice distract the public with alternative facts and imagined realities.  
What can you do? Donate to Liberty Hill now. Your gifts help sustain a vast network of everyday people working for peace and justice while the President tweets.
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Shane Murphy Goldsmith








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