In Honor of Black History Month

by Crystal Shaw on February 08, 2017

It's Black History Month - and although Liberty Hill celebrates and honors the accomplishments and supports the actions, movements and events of Black-led social justice throughout the year, this month we'd like to highlight the Black-led organizing that has been happening in Los Angeles since Liberty Hill's inception.

We took a look at just the first 20 years of Liberty Hill’s grantmaking to get a snapshot of that period of Black-led organizing in L.A. It’s important to note the innovative and grassroots means by which community-based organizations have approached empowering and energizing Los Angeles’ Black community. The history of community organizing here is a pastiche of groups, movements, and events—each one playing a unique role in connecting Black Angelenos to each other and to the larger city fabric.

Read more about The History of Liberty Hill's Support of Black-Led Organizing now.   

Liberty Hill currently supports The Los Angeles Black Worker CenterStrategic Concepts in Organizing and Policy Education, a New Way of LifeDignity and Power Now and our own Brothers Sons Selves coalition - organizations and campaigns pushing the the needle forward on issues affecting the Black community.  

Should you like to make a donation to our Rapid Response Fund for Racial Justice to support grassroots organizing around racial justice please go here


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