Progressive Leaders Live Here

by Crystal Shaw on May 08, 2017

For more than forty years, Liberty Hill has helped shift the ground underneath Los Angeles and California’s feet. We’ve supported generations of struggle for inclusion, equity, sustainability and justice.  Today, the movements and communities that Liberty Hill has nurtured—environmental justice, LGBT rights, religious freedom, racial justice, women's rights, workers and immigrants—are facing an unprecedented assault. But here?  Here is where prgressive leaders live and thrive.  Here at Liberty Hill, and by extention, Los Angeles is where progressive leadership is taking a stronghold and making real change for all Angelenos.  Meet some of Liberty Hill's progressive partners and one of L.A.'s progressive leaders, all featured at our recent Upton Sinclair Awards Dinner:   


Jerry Alvarez, who is a youth leader with Liberty Hill's Brothers, Sons, Selves Coalition, speaks about the value of restorative justice.










 Sarah Jawaid of LA Voice talks resistance, building power, and the Wally Marks Leadership Institute.










Congresswoman Woman Karen Bass on fostering activism in the face of oppostion of the current administration.