In Honor of Pride Month—See What Liberty Hill's Doing for LGBTQ Justice

by Crystal Shaw on June 07, 2017

One of Liberty Hill's priorites is LGBTQ Justice.  We have supported community-based organizing by lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer leaders throughout our history, and we are listening to a new generation of organizers who are already experienced and informed.  With June being Pride Month, it's the perfect time to shine a light on the progressive work being birthed out of a continued fight for equity and liberation in this space. Take a journey through some of the stories and sounds of LGBTQ Pride from Liberty Hill. 

Meet Diana Feliz Oliva, who describes herself as a transgender, first-generation Mexican American. Read her figurative and literal story of moving from imprisonment to liberation:











Meet Rabbi Heather Miller and Melissa De La Rama.  They wouldn’t call themselves philanthropists. Instead the married couple and Liberty Hill Advisory Council members say they are creating “a new model of philanthropy." Read their story:

Read this blog about L.A.’s Queer Justice Leaders—Past, Present and Future:










Watch this video featuring Gabriel Vidal, an InnerCity Struggle youth organizer who models whole-person healing in his life and in his work:







Watch this video written and performed by Evolve Benton aka Emotions the Poet on How to be a Trans Ally:







Read a report from Liberty Hill's inaugural Queer Justice Youth Convening: From Activism to Organizing:  

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