Liberty Hill's Party With a Purpose Is Quickly Approaching

by Crystal Shaw on August 21, 2017

In less than a month the sounds of glasses clinking, music flowing and justice advancing will be in the air.  A new-generation of progressive donor-activists, poised to take action driven by this critical moment in our country, will converge in West Hollywood all in the name of social justice in Southern California.  Liberty Hill's Change LA: Fast Forward, set to take place on September 16, 2017, will also give special recognition to community philanthropists and organizers by spotlighting the contributions of new generations of local social justice visionaries.

During the event Kaci Patterson will be honored with the Wally Marks Changemaker Award. Kaci Patterson is the owner of Social Good Solutions (SGS), a boutique consulting practice bridging ideas with social change. In addition to building multimillion-dollar grantmaking portfolios in the US and abroad, Kaci pioneered capacity building programs, professional development and organizational initiatives that served networks of over 1,000 civil society leaders and public officials. Kaci is a founding member of Communities for Los Angeles Student Success, and co-founded the BLACC (Building Leaders and Cultivating Change) Fund, a giving circle at Liberty Hill supporting grassroots social activism, and Senior Director of the L.A. Partnership for Early Childhood Investment. She is the recipient of the 2016 California Community Foundation Unsung Hero of Los Angeles, and was named one of the 2016 40 Under 40 by the Empowerment Congress.

"Every generation has its own set of issues that define its place in history," Kaci says. "Whether it's women's rights, civil rights, gay rights, immigrant rights or the right to religious freedom, at the core of every social movement is the fight for human dignity. It's a fight none of us should ever have to be in, especially in America where our own Declaration of Independence was written to affirm the inalienable right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Yet, here we are in 2017, right in the middle of our generation's "where were you and what did you do when" moment. We can no longer be silent or spectators. We must chose a side. I know which side of history I plan to be on, and I am so grateful for Liberty Hill, for the army of activists and allies using their voices, their dollars, their influence, their very heart and soul to collectively bend the arc of the moral universe toward justice. In being recognized, I acknowledge that I am just one of many changemakers in Los Angeles doing our part to help America live out its most sacred creed: life, liberty and justice for all."

Also being honored is Leah Hunt-Hendrix, who will receive the Sarah Pillsbury NextGen Award.  Leah Hunt-Hendrix is the co-founder and Executive Director of Solidaire, a donor community dedicated to funding progressive social movements. She has her PhD from Princeton University, where she studied political theory and philosophy, and wrote a dissertation on the concept of solidarity. The focus of her work is on progressive political power, economic justice and racial justice. She is from New York, and has lived around the world, including in Egypt, Syria and the West Bank. She currently lives in San Francisco.

Change LA: Fast Forward will take place at the Hills Penthouse (Thompson House) 8560 Sunset Blvd. West Hollywood, CA 90069.  Tickets are only $100 and can be purchased here



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