Frontlines to Headlines - October 2017

by Crystal Shaw on October 26, 2017

Frontlines to Headlines

A digest of press clips about Liberty Hill & the organizers we support       


The Los Angeles Times reports that City officials will require the oil drilling site at the intersection of Jefferson and Budlong to adopt strict new rules in order to stay open, including construction of an enclosure to block noise, odor and lights. The article mentions Stand Together Against Neighborhood Drilling (STAND-L.A.) member organization Redeemer Community Partnership which fought for the new rules.

Michaela Pereira interviewed Nalleli Cobo of STAND-L.A. for HLN, discussing how the young activist is taking on big oil in her community. Nalleli also shared her story at the 2016 Upton Sinclair Dinner.

Residents living nearby South L.A.'s AllenCo oil drilling site saw their community's environmental health improve drastically when the facility suspended production in 2013 due to numerous health and safety complaints. Now, neighbors concerned that drilling may soon resume at the site are organizing with STAND-L.A. to stop it. Read more from the National Catholic Reporter and see an article in Nonprofit Quarterly that cites Liberty Hill's 2015 "Drilling Down" report.

A Los Angeles Downtown News article on the upcoming REEF mega-development discussed how Strategic Actions for a Just Economy (SAJE) pushed for more low income units by using the environmental review process. SAJE won by arguing that catering to higher earning individuals would likely populate the development with car commuters rather than low income transit riders.

A Salon piece went in depth on L.A.'s waste and recycling industries, and how work by Los Angeles Alliance for a New Economy (LAANE) and Pacoima Beautiful is pushing the city toward a greener future.


Dignity and Power Now and Youth Justice Coalition demonstrated against jail expansion plans by placing 100 prison bunkbeds outside of the L.A. County Hall of Administration during a County Board of Supervisors meeting. Read more about the protest in reports from KPCC and the Los Angeles Times.

UCLA Newsroom described how a research project housed at the university called Million Dollar Hoods is partnering with Youth Justice Coalition for "rebel mapping" workshops, which will teach members of the coalition to query and map big data related to policing and incarceration in their communities.

Governor Brown signed A.B. 90, which adds accountability and transparency to California's gang databases. A report from Electronic Frontier Foundation's blog mentioned how Youth Justice Coalition helped lead the campaign. 


API Equality-L.A. cohosted a family acceptance workshop for LGBTQ Asian Americans and their family members to help build understanding. Rafu Shimpo has more.


As DACA recipients scrambled to meet the short renewal deadline, Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights of Los Angeles (CHIRLA) helped hundreds process applications. The Los Angeles Times and The Nation have more.

Some young immigrants are challenging the term "dreamer." According to Jorge Mario Cabrera of CHIRLA, the term divides immigrant communities, neglecting those who are older or less educated. The OC Register has the story.

An L.A. School Report interview with a DACA recipient touched on CHIRLA's critical support for L.A.'s immigrant communities.


The Los Angeles Times, KPCC and L.A. Curbed described how Los Angeles Community Action Network (LA-CAN) activists are protesting plans for a residential high-rise in the Fashion District, and arguing that alleviating homelessness should be prioritized over building more luxury and market rate housing Downtown.

In light of scandals involving Wells Fargo, a report from Capital and Main described how Alliance of Californians for Community Empowerment (ACCE) is pushing for the City of L.A. to strengthen its Responsible Banking Ordinance, requiring ethical business practices from anyone the City banks with.

An L.A. Times report on redevelopment of the Baldwin Hills Crenshaw Plaza quoted Khalil Edwards of the Los Angeles Black Worker Center, who stressed the need for the project to include more affordable housing units.

A KCET piece on the economic and social history of South L.A. mentioned how Community Coalition and SAJE are fighting gentrification and displacement in the area.

A KPCC article on the effects of Measure JJJ quoted Joe Donlin of SAJE who explained how the new law—which SAJE advocated for—may be easing L.A.'s housing crisis.


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