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Priced Out, Pushed Out, Locked Out: How Permanent Tenant Protections can Help Communities Prevent Homelessness and Resist Displacement in LA County


“I have been living the experience of worrying about excessive rent increases. For example,  I pay $1050 and I was notified that I will pay $1250 beginning May 1st. Believe me, my emotional and psychological worry continues to be how and where am I going to come up with the rent difference? I believe that in every place, if we do nothing, this psychological and economic abuse will continue to be done to the renter community.” -  Blanca Dueñas, social justice advocate and East Los Angeles Resident

For over 40 years, Liberty Hill Foundation has supported the tenants’ right movement. From funding tenants’ organizing in Pasadena and Long Beach in 1977, to supporting successful campaigns for rent stabilization in the cities of Los Angeles and Santa Monica in 1979 and winning against discriminatory landlords, Liberty Hill has long been an ally in the fight for housing justice.


We’re proud to continue supporting the fight for tenant rights today. That's why we released Priced Out, Pushed Out, Locked Out: How Permanent Tenant Protections can Help Communities Prevent Homelessness and Resist Displacement in LA County with allies at Public Counsel, UCLA School of Law, Eastside LEADS and Unincorporated Tenants United.


Tenants across unincorporated LA are facing increased rent burden, unreasonable rent increases, and more evictions than ever before. Approximately 56% of tenants in unincorporated LA County are paying at least 30% of their income in rent. Based on census data, we know that these tenants are more likely to be people of color, low-income, and living in female-headed households. These results confirm what the 2019 Homeless Count released by the Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority in early June.


Priced Out combines statistical analysis with first-hand stories from tenants across unincorporated LA County. Using quantitative and qualitative information, the report concludes with a series of policy recommendations, like permanent rent stabilization, that were shaped and supported by Eastside LEADS and Unincorporated Tenants United.




The Unincorporated Tenants United Coalition is a broad coalition of grassroots activists, legal advocates, and community organizations fighting for tenant protections in unincorporated Los Angeles. The Unincorporated Tenants united CoalitionThe coalition's member organizations have witnessed the striking difference between tenants living in rent-stabilized cities and those in unincorporated communities and are working together to eliminate unfair housing practices that destabilize families and communities, including unreasonable rent increases, severe habitability issues and unfair eviction practices. The coalition includes: Los Angeles Center for Community  Law and Action (LACCLA), Alliance of Californians for Community Empowerment (ACCE), Strategic Actions for a Just Economy (SAJE), LA VOICE, Public Counsel, Eastside LEADS, East Yard Communities for Environmental Justice (EYCEJ), Anti-Eviction Mapping Project (AEMP), Glendale Tenants Union (GTU), Housing Long Beach, Inner City Struggle (ICS), Inquilinos Unidos, Long Beach ICO, Los Angeles Tenants Union (LATU), Pasadena Tenants Union (PTU), Pomona United for Stable Housing (PUSH), Pomona Economic Opportunity Center (PEOC) and Uplift Inglewood. The coalition is supported by the Liberty Hill Foundation.