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    We are community organizers, donor activists and allies organizing people and organizing money to create a better Los Angeles.

  • Fly Right, California.

    Learn more about the grassroots work done by community organizers to implement criminal justice reform.

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  • Young Voters Before & After: Liberty Hill’s Youth Vote Action

    Liberty Hill’s Youth Vote Action canvassers, phone bankers and “banner droppers” mobilized in September and October at a half-dozen grassroots locations throughout L.A. County.

    Some of these young community organizers voted for the first or second time. Some may never be eligible to vote but put in long hours because they care so deeply about protecting their families and communities. Many are girls and young women.

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  • Roslyn Broadnax

    It wasn't until she was 29 that Roslyn Broadnax learned she had a learning disability. As a student in South Los Angeles, she'd been passed from grade to grade, eventually graduating high school without the ability even to fill out a job application.

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