Program Assistant

"Liberty Hill is a representation of the passion and commitment that communities and organizations have towards making equitable and comprehensive change in Los Angeles. It is our role in philanthropy, and my role as an advocate and activist for social justice and change, to empower the communities that make L.A. the great city it is and provide for equitable access to resources and opportunities that allow all to speak their truths and share their talents."

After completing two years at Rio Hondo Community College in Whittier, Aurelia transferred to UC Berkeley where she obtained a bachelor’s degree in comparative ethnic studies. Throughout her time at UC Berkeley, she became closely involved with the transfer community, and held positions as a public relations intern at the Transfer Student Center, before being hired as a Peer Advocate Lead for Operations and Program Assistant. Aurelia became well versed in the transfer process and worked to create community on campus and provide resources and opportunities to historically underrepresented and “nontraditional” student populations, which she identified with.

As a Program Assistant, Aurelia holds a supporting role at Liberty Hill Foundation assisting in all of the program areas, including environmental justice and sustainability, youth justice and day-to-day operations. Through this program, as well as her position at Liberty Hill, Aurelia hopes not only to contribute to the legacy of Liberty Hill, but to learn more about the tools and methods used to support community organizations and foster equitable practices in education, policy, environmental justice and racial justice.