Building Power

Liberty Hill brings allies together to forge a common agenda and advance movements for change. Liberty Hill believes the deepest, most lasting social change emerges from community organizing and social movements. Liberty Hill is often the first institutional funder of frontlines organizing work and many campaigns that we "seed-funded" have become national models for expanding economic justice, environmental justice and LGBTQ rights. Learn about Liberty Hill’s current coalitions and campaigns that are at the frontlines of change right now.

Brothers, Sons, Selves

The Brothers, Son, Selves coalition, a strategic partnership with The California Endowment, is group of 11 community-based organizations working together to improve the lives of young men of color in Los Angeles.  California's young men of color face the lowest life expectancy rates, highest unemployment rates, and constitute the fewest high school and college graduates and most murder victims of any group of Californians. Through community-based participatory research and community organizing, Brothers, Sons, Selves identifies policy campaigns to address injustices experienced by youth, new practices to support and how to be heard by elected officials, government agencies and voters. Campaigns have focused on improving school climate for boys and young men and reducing criminalization in communities of color.

Clean Up, Green Up 

Liberty Hill helped to support and facilitate a coalition of environmental justice organizations with policy that will “Clean Up and Green Up” three communities. By establishing pilot “Green Zones” in Boyle Heights, Pacoima and Wilmington—all neighborhoods with high concentrations of air pollutants—the initiative will provide financial and technical assistance to small businesses to modernize their operations and reduce impacts, while setting stronger standards for new and expanded industries. The Clean Up Green Up initiative is an outstanding example of how community knowledge and rigorous academic research can result in innovative policy. Long-time Liberty Hill grantees—Communities for a Better Environment, Coalition for a Safe Environment, Pacoima Beautiful and Union de Vecinos—worked together since 2011 to protect environmental health while revitalizing disadvantaged communities. On Earth Day, 2016, Mayor Eric Garcetti signed the groundbreaking environmental justice policy. You can read the community-researched report Hidden Hazards: A Call to Action for Healthy Livable Communities at this website page. Our Guide to Green is a directory of programs and technical assistance for businesses wanting to go greener. You can download that report from this website page.

Stand Against Neighborhood Drilling (STAND) Coalition 

It's a fast-moving issue, so Liberty Hill is moving fast. Los Angeles residents are learning of expanded plans for oil extraction in the city, and they're asking– is oil drilling in the city safe? Are there hazards we’re being exposed to? Toxic emissions? Extreme techniques? Because they want answers to these questions, residents are organizing to protect health and safety in their communities, and they need resources.  Los Angeles County historically has been a major oil producer and is now home to thousands of active oil and gas wells. Many of these oil and gas wells are located in close proximity to densely populated urban neighborhoods and are under-regulated by a patchwork of agencies. Extraction techniques, which involve the use of highly toxic chemicals, pose numerous environmental, health, and public safety risks. In their first year of organizing, the community groups of STAND have brought significant attention to the need for more public notification, more transparent practices, and better regulation of this industry.

Photos: Top two photos by Warren Hill.