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Liberty Hill's 2014 Fund for Change Grants



By Margarita Ramirez

This year Liberty Hill's  Fund for Change is investing $864,000 in the most effective community organizers working on economic justice and LGBTQ justice in L.A. How do we know? For the past six months, Liberty Hill staff members and Community Funding Board members have reviewed applications, conducted site visits and interviews, and met in collaborative decision-making sessions. The total list includes 32 organizations receiving one-year grants ranging from $5,000 to $40,000 and three groups receiving their second installments of two-year grants. Six of the 2015 grant recipient groups are seed organizations. Congratulations! Liberty Hill grants are accelerating concrete social change led by the people impacted by injustice.

New Director of Social Change Strategies Tamika Butler has Huge Plans for Liberty Hill

By Crystal Shaw My-Brother's-Keeper-5-12-2014-9143Tamika Butler, Esq. has joined the Liberty Hill Foundation in her newly created role as Director of Social Change Strategies.  In her first month at the foundation, she had a whirlwind of events – from the Upton Sinclair Dinner to the My Brother’s Keeper White House Listening Session – to introduce her to Liberty Hill grantees, donors and supporters.

During last month’s My Brother’s Keeper event, Tamika was on hand for the day that included a local prison tour, an inspiring trip to a local high school and a number of listening sessions with community members and leaders.  At the end of the day the White House staff told Tamika that California had “set the bar” and commented repeatedly on the fact that we are doing amazing work for young men of color in the state.

A White House report was submitted to the president after the visit and in it, President Obama called on the American people to get engaged through mentorship opportunities nationwide, something Tamika is quick to point out that Liberty Hill is already doing through the Brothers, Sons, Selves coalition.  The president’s call-to-action is to get involved in My Brother’s Keeper by signing up as a long-term mentor to young people at  Get more information on the White House report here.