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Change L.A.

Change L.A. supporters “putting the social in social justice.”

Change L.A.

Change L.A. is Liberty Hill's annual mixer for emerging leaders and philanthropists committed to social justice. It's an opportunity to meet the L.A. activists, changemakers, community leaders and organizers who are making the region a more just and equitable place for all.

Change L.A. started as a series of after-work get-togethers in downtown Los Angeles, and has since grown into a growing network of emerging donor-activists who are looking to incubate and support meaningful social justice work here at home.

Each celebration honors a young philanthropist and a young community organizer, spotlighting the contributions of new generations of local social justice visionaries. The Sarah Pillsbury NextGen Award, established by one of Liberty Hill's founders, is given to an inspirational leader who invests time and raises funds to advance social justice in Los Angeles. The Wally Marks Changemaker Award, named in memory of a longtime Liberty Hill supporter, is given each year to an individual whose work in the community illustrates a commitment to social justice advocacy.