Train to be a Commissioner

The People's Bridges to Government

You've heard of the Police Commission and the Fire Commission, but as Liberty Hill's researchers discovered when planning our Commissions Training program for our Wally Marks Leadership Institute, not even the wonkiest policy wonks can name all the City's 52 boards and commissions, never mind the many dozens of County and State boards and commissions. And yet these policy-making and advisory bodies made up of non-political experts and residents are one of the most important—and powerful—cornerstones of regional government.

Thank you for your interest in training to serve on a government commission or board. Our trainings are designed for current and future commissioners as well as community leader advocates. Trainings feature expert panelists, discussions, and hands-on training. Liberty Hill's Commissions Training program is designed to ensure that Los Angeles has strong civic leaders to serve on all the boards and commissions making decisions every day that will be good for all of our communities.

With roots in the Progressive Era (1890-1920), commissions are a bridge between residents and professional politicians. Their appointed members (more than 300 in L.A. City alone) oversee key city agencies and advise elected officials and government employees on core policies and programs that impact the quality of life for all of our local residents.

Participants are drawn from all sectors of Liberty Hill's networks of supporters, staff and Board members, and community partners.

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