Funding Pools
Youth Justice Coalition members stage a die-in during legislative advocacy action in Sacramento that resulted in passage of a bill to prevent racial profiling by law enforcement.

Funding Pools

Innovative Funding Initiatives

Since its inception, Liberty Hill has explored innovative ways to organize money in its quest to maximize resources for community organizers working for change in under-resourced communities. Recently, President/CEO Shane Goldsmith has spearheaded funding pool initiatives designed to build power for regional and state coalitions at key points in breakthrough campaigns on vital issues.

Funding pool initiatives bring together individual donors, foundation funders, and partners from other sectors and across racial, ethnic and geographic boundaries. Our goals for funding pools are to build capacity for grassroots groups in key regions, build strong partnerships among sectors, create replicable models for future partnerships, and support systemic change initiatives, including implementation and enforcement.

Rapid Response for Young Immigrant Children Fund

Liberty Hill has partnered with First 5 LA to establish a Rapid Response for Young Immigrant Children Fund. The fund will support organizations addressing the legal and other needs of families and their prenatal to age five children, who are experiencing distress and trauma related to the extraordinary fear of separation.

Nonprofit organizations based in Los Angeles County will be considered for grants of up to $10,000 for special and timely organizing and advocacy work. Examples of funded activities include conducting educational and outreach campaigns, hosting convenings, providing supportive services, rapid response planning, technical assistance, organizing and mobilizing efforts and strategy development. The Rapid Response for Young Immigrant Children Fund is limited and very competitive. Please contact for more information.

If you are interested in supporting this fund, please visit this special link to our Donate page, which is coded to route your contribution directly to our Rapid Response for Young Immigrant Children Fund.

Rapid Response Fund for Racial Justice

The public outcry and movement building that has emerged around racial justice marks a critical threshold for change, not only in transforming American policing, but also as a moment with intersecting concerns. Liberty Hill and a group of California foundations were compelled to establish the Rapid Response Fund for Racial Justice to support community organizations that are pressing for urgently needed police reforms and a renewed commitment to racial justice in the state. The purpose of this fund is to address the root causes leading to these events and accelerate the momentum created by organizers on the ground across California. 

Thanks to continuing support from The California Wellness Foundation, the Rapid Response Fund for Racial Justice provides grants of up to $10,000 to organizations that are advancing racial justice by uplifting the value of Black lives and addressing police accountability, criminalization, and violence on people of color. Examples of funded activities are leadership development, media and outreach campaigns, organizer training, organizing and mobilizing efforts, forming or engaging coalitions, strategy development, and technical assistance.

The Rapid Response Fund for Racial Justice is limited and very competitive.  Please contact for more information.

Read our blog post announcing recipients of grants from the Rapid Response Fund for Racial Justice.

Fund for Economic Equity and Dignity (FEED)

Wage theft is a serious problem in the State of California. In Los Angeles alone, low wage workers lose more than $26.2 million per week as a result of wage theft violations. In response to this problem the Liberty Hill Foundation and the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) have joined forces to work towards a solution that will provide relief to thousands of low wage victims throughout the state who are impacted by this abuse. We have developed the Fund for Economic Equity and Dignity (FEED) to help build a broad, diverse movement of workers, employers and the public to raise this and other worker protection issues and demand solutions. Our institutional change goals are steps in a broader process that builds the power and infrastructure of low-income, people of color, immigrants and their allies. At the heart of this is building a stronger base and taking the time for real leadership development and shared, multilateral education.

FEED provides grants to organizations throughout California that are waging strong campaigns to win and implement institutional change that will guarantee ongoing worker protection enforcement, and build powerful long-term labor/community partnerships. Funded work includes but is not limited to worker and community organizing through worker-based centers and allied organizations throughout California; employer organizing capacity to recruit and involve employers; mobilizing and public events; media campaigns; research to inform policy makers, the media, and the public; and policy development.

Read our blog post announcing recipients of grants from the Fund for Economic Equity and Dignity.

Photos: Top, a family holds materials distributed by L.A. Human Right to Housing, middle from Los Angeles Community Action Network, bottom by Warren Hill.