Manage my Philanthropy
(Left to Right) Bob & Naomi Odenkirk; Michele Mulroney & Kieran Mulroney.

To Give for Impact: Manage Your Philanthropy

As your partner in philanthropy, Liberty Hill brings 40 years of social change expertise to the table to advise you on your giving decisions. Liberty Hill offers a variety of services to maximize your philanthropic goals, while providing in-house expertise on the landscape of social change nonprofits and strategic grantmaking practices to ensure your generous gifts are making the greatest impact possible.

At the same time, you become part of a community of donors committed to building a future that expands opportunity and equality for all. And throughout the year, you will be invited to special gatherings and events that connect donors, grant recipients, the larger Liberty Hill family and the broader community.

Among the options we offer are:

Donor Advised Funds

A Liberty Hill Donor Advised Fund lets you create an easy to establish, low cost, flexible vehicle for charitable giving as an alternative to direct giving or creating a private foundation. Donor Advised Funds may be opened with a minimum contribution of $10,000. Contact for more information, or call 323-556-7203.

“The donor advised fund allows time to do grantmaking over time in a way that’s best for the objective rather than just throwing a chunk out all in one year,” says Glen Dake, a Liberty Hill Donor Advised Fund holder and an environmental activist profiled in this blog post.


“Liberty Hill’s Development Director was so influential in helping me find my voice and connecting me to events and organizations to give to. I have always been philanthropic, predominately with LGBT organizations. But he helped me narrow it down so I would make more of an impact.” Read more about Rabbi Barbara Zacky’s journey.

Giving Circles

Giving Circles multiply the power of individual philanthropy by joining like-minded donors to pool their charitable dollars and collectively select deserving grantees. Grants awarded via Giving Circles are typically larger than what individuals could make alone, thus creating a greater impact in the communities they seek to support. 

At Liberty Hill’s 2011 Uplifting Change gathering, says Zahirah Mann, co-chair of Angelenos for Los Angeles, she and co-chair Anne-Marie Jones got the idea to form their giving circle.  “We were impressed with how much some groups were able to give in grants, amounts that for us would be really aspirational!” Read more about this giving circle’s beginnings.