How We Support the Grassroots
Members of Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights Los Angeles (CHIRLA) march for comprehensive immigration reform and other social justice issues May Day, 2015.

How We Support the Grassroots

Building an Ecosystem

Liberty Hill is the accelerator of community organizing in Los Angeles. 

Our nimble, innovative approach is based on current conditions, trusting relationships, and our deep understanding of Los Angeles social movements.  We build a diverse ecosystem of organizations to tackle today’s issues and stand ready for tomorrow’s movements. Investing in social change is risky because we are tackling society’s most intractable problems and we will sometimes fail. But overall the Return on Investment in community organizing is $90 to $1 so we know it works. 

Liberty Hill is uniquely positioned in Los Angeles to bring together individual donors and diverse institutional partners to leverage funding for grassroots community organizing in Los Angeles. Currently, we facilitate and direct funding to the grassroots from three sources: Individual Donors, Foundation Partners and Pooled Funds.

Individual Donors 

Liberty Hill Foundation is a public foundation, and we have raised funds from individuals since our very earliest existence. A strong and loyal group of individual donors has been the backbone of Liberty Hill's impact on the progressive movement in Los Angeles, and these donor activists have given of their time and talents as well as of their treasure. Individual donors value Liberty Hill's long experience and solid expertise in low income and other marginalized communities, our understanding of the next generation of organizing leadership, and our effectiveness in advancing social change, equality and opportunity.

Foundation Partners

Liberty Hill has formed important strategic partnerships with larger state and national foundations to help reach less-known communities, move resources quickly and effectively in times of urgent need, convene the most effective grassroots groups to work in regional and statewide coalitions, to take smart risks and to build lasting capacity in communities. 

Pooled Funds

Recently, Liberty Hill has responded to fast-moving conditions on the ground by creating funding pools that bring together individual donors, private and public foundations, and institutional funders to get resources to anchor organizations in Los Angeles that are leading campaigns that are hurtling forward with statewide and nationwide momentum. Read more about our Rapid Response Fund for Racial Justice and our Fund for Economic Equity and Dignity.

Photos: Top left, donor activists at a Liberty Hill house party, middle, philanthropist Virgil Roberts and California Endowment President Dr. Robert Ross on a panel at an Uplifting Change summit.