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James Martinez


Philanthropy Advisor

"Having spent my formative years in the South, I was privy to a strange dichotomy of action and ideology. There exists a pervasive loyalty to intransigence instead of family, ideological purity rather than progress. I found it difficult to reconcile the behavior of individuals who will embrace and accept a family member or friend as LBGTQ, then vote against their best interests soon after. Or, to understand the inability to say young black male lives matter without qualifiers. Certainly, and likely in the near future, this will change – as the current political climate is forcing Americans to be introspective in regards to their long-held beliefs. Until then, I’m pleased to have found my way to Liberty Hill, where action and ideology function symbiotically and with the objective of progressive change."

James brings four years of donor advised experience at Fidelity Charitable where he served as a Program Analyst and Grant Research and Compliance Specialist. In his role, he helped the foundation outreach to nonprofits that could benefit from Fidelity’s Donor Advised program, managed their grant making database, and administered grants. James received his Bachelor of Arts in English and Classical Studies from University of Oklahoma in 2010. 323-556-7209