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Liberty Hill Fast Forward L.A.
APRIL 2018





Her Own Beat

Meet Liz Levitt Hirsch, someone known for bringing people together by hosting incredible music in free outdoor venues. She is also our Founders Award honoree for this year's Upton Sinclair Dinner. To get ready for the event, Liz sat down with Liberty Hill for a Q&A about her passion for arts, activism and making L.A. dance. Read more on our blog.

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Think Local

This year's Upton Sinclair Dinner theme is "justice begins at home." It's an idea that our honorees, Liz Levitt Hirsch and John Lewis exemplify, and one that we are carrying out with our Agenda for a Just Future. Visit our blog for a statement from Liberty Hill's President and CEO, Shane Murphy Goldsmith, on why big things start local.

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Thirty-six Upton Sinclair Dinners and we're still not full. Since 1983, the Dinner has been where all-stars of activism and entertainment converge. See highlights from Dinners past in our latest Facebook Photo Gallery.

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