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An Agenda That Matters

By now you've probably heard about Liberty Hill's Agenda for a Just Future—the policy platform to stop neighborhood oil drilling, fight for a roof over every head and end youth incarceration as we know it. So what's that got to do with queer justice? Liberty Hill President/CEO Shane Murphy Goldsmith explains on our blog.

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Powered By Youth

A lot has changed for L.A.'s students since Liberty Hill and The California Endowment supported the launch of the Brothers, Sons, Selves Coalition in 2011. Students are no longer suspended for minor infractions like "willful defiance," restorative justice disciplinary practices are on the rise and graduation rates are up—all thanks to the power of youth organizing. Now, as Brothers, Sons, Selves enters a new chapter coordinated by InnerCity Struggle, Community Coalition and Khmer Girls in Action, we're unveiling a new video and web-based case study to explain what the coalition has accomplished so far.

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Liberty Hill's organizing partners and donor-activists have been hard at work defending immigrant rights, convening community members and fighting for climate justice. It's all in this issue's Facebook photo album.

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